Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rainy Saturday

The dishwasher is swish-thumping and the kitchen is clean. I even cleaned the stove. All I need to do now is clean the bathroom, take out the trash and vacuum and I'm done with my Saturday chores.

I feel relaxed for the first time since summer became so hot. It rained all day yesterday and all last night, singing it's lullaby to me as I drifted away in sleep. I woke to more rain and the forecast predicts even more rain tomorrow. The air is cool and wet and I want nothing more than to climb back into bed with a book and listen to the music of rainfall on the leaves and roof and feel the cool, wet air drifting through the window to caress my cheek as I sleep, sending me soothing dreams. What can I say? I love the rain. I always have. I also love snow.

As a small child, I'd run outside, hold my arms up and turn my face to the clouds and spin, catching raindrops on my tongue, my skin soaking up the precious cool drops. I still do, although less so since I moved to the cottage since there is no grass to cushion and cool my bare feet. Such a small thing to give up for the wonder of rain making music, blessings from the elementals, for which I am very grateful.

That is all. Disperse. Go play in the rain.

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