Monday, October 13, 2008

More lemonade, please

There are times when life sucks rotten lemons and times when it's more like lemonade. This is a lemonade day.

A few years ago a very close friend, my best male friend, threw me a big curve and everything fell apart. He surprised me a few months ago with an unsolicited and heartfelt apology. On Friday last, he gave up the goods and told me a tale of mistakes and heartaches that resulted in a roller coaster weekend followed by the best lemonade day of all today. I have my friend back.

The old saw about not knowing what you have until it's gone isn't always true. I knew what we had before he disappeared and I missed him terribly while he was gone. Mostly I missed the awful jokes and horrible puns and his quirky sense of humor.

There are times when you meet someone (in this case know someone for dog's years) that gets you as much as you get them. The conversation is effortless and flows from one subject to another, hop skipping from tangent to tangent without missing a beat. We have so many common interests and I've picked up a few along the way, but the best thing about all this is that it feels like we just talked yesterday instead of more than a year ago. That's the thing about really good friends. You might have a falling out or disagree about something and part, but eventually the wound in your life and theirs never heals and nothing really feels right.

We still have some fence mending to do, but if I died tonight, I would die happy because we're back together as friends. I can't wait to show him the cottage and share some time and maybe a movie or two together. For me, the holidays came early and they brought friends, the best part of life.

That is all. Disperse.

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