Thursday, March 19, 2009

Redistribute the wealth the right way

The more I read and hear about the way Washington is handling the economic crisis and what's been going on that Congress has done behind the scenes, the more I realize we need a fresh voice to set things right. I am not an economist, but I do know you can't pay off a debt by borrowing more money and shutting down the people that bring in the goods. I have an alternative plan.

First of all, not everyone who makes over $200,000 a year is wealthy. With inflation, that's middle class at best, but the people at the bottom of the middle class and edging into the lower class are furious that some people are making more money than they are. I have news for you. If you want more money, get a better job, go to college, work your butt off and ask for more money when you get the job and prove you have the goods to back up your attitude. Increasing taxes on people who make over $200K is not going to help the economy and it's going to piss off a lot of people. It seems like these people are wealthy because they make in one month what it takes the average American to make in a year, but most of these people have worked long and hard and earned what they're getting.

It's time to step back, check the facts and come up with a better plan, so let's start at the top.

1. All congressmen and senators will no longer be able to vote themselves a raise if the economy is in a slump. If they want a raise, they will have to go to the people who pay the bills, the taxpayers, and let them vote on whether or not a raise is in order.

2. Terms in office will be limited to two. After that, you're out. Pick up your last paycheck and go home, and it will be your last paycheck. The government gravy train is now closed for business. You will also have to pay for your own health care (you make enough money, so stop taking the food out of the taxpayers' mouths and the money out of their wallets). You will no longer get a pension. What you made during your time is office is all you get. There ain't no more. Like I said, the government gravy train is closed. You will be paid during your term in office and not beyond. That also goes for presidents and vice-presidents. Secret service will continue to watch over you for two years after you've stepped down from office. You will make enough from speaking engagements, whatever job you go back to and what you managed to save from your salary while in office to pay for your own security after that. Besides, since you no longer hold office, you won't be a target. Presidents and vice-presidents will also pay for their own health care since their salaries are sufficient to take care of themselves and their families. If your salary isn't enough to afford health care, then maybe it's time to fix the system we have so it works for everyone and not just for you.

3. All businesses knowingly employing illegal aliens will be taxed at a higher rate. E-Check is available to make sure the people you hire have valid social security numbers, so use it, or lost a bigger chunk of your profits.

4. All business and corporations that outsource their jobs and business will be taxed at a higher rate. Tax breaks will be given to those businesses that bring the jobs home and pay decent wages for their people.

5. Illegal aliens must learn to speak English or they will not be eligible for a green card or citizenship or a job. Since most illegal aliens send money back to their home countries, all foreign aid to those countries will cease. Since America is already funding their economy and there will be no more double dipping.

6. Small business owners who make more than $200K a year will be given access to loans and tax breaks to increase their business and hire more employees. All loans will be granted with a low interest rate and will be reviewed annually. Successful businesses will be extended further credit to expand and hire more employees and businesses that fail will be investigated to find out why. Business owners found to have been cheating their customers or running a shell game to get government money will have their loans revoked, all assets seized and be given a government job building roads or making license plates.

7. Individuals who make more than $200K will not be taxed at a higher rate, but individuals who make over $400K a year will be taxed at a slightly higher rate if their income does not derive from their own business. Investment bankers, stock brokers, politicians and corporate execs of businesses being run into the ground and found to be responsible for the failures will be taxed at the higher rate. If they cannot pay the higher rate, their assets will be seized and sold to pay their debt.

8. Military personnel and their families and teachers will be paid at a living wage commensurate with their background, skills and education. No longer will a teacher or military family be forced to live on food stamps. These people are the backbone of this country and will be honored and paid accordingly. Since congressional members will no longer get free health insurance, exorbitant pay raises and live at the taxpayers' for decades, there will be more than enough money to take care of the military and teachers.

9. All politicians at all levels will return all campaign or other funds received from businesses the government has been forced to bail out and all bonuses, regardless of previous contractual commitments, will cease. This includes Senator McCain, certain representatives and other senators in Congress, the Vice President and the current President of the United State who all received in excess of $100K from AIG and other businesses and banks that received bailout money. Effective immediately. There is no reason for any of these people to posture and act indignant when they are just as guilty as executives who received billions in bonuses for doing a lousy job and running businesses into the ground to fund their greed. All monies will be returned to the bailed out businesses, banks, etc. immediately and will be done publicly.

Now that is how you redistribute the wealth.

That is all. Disperse.

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