Friday, April 10, 2009

Cassandra speaks

Chili Bob, a very good and dear friend, and I chat about all kinds of things, the kinds of things you're not supposed to chat about: money, sex, religion and politics. Of course, without those subjects, there isn't much else to talk about except the weather and the obituaries. While the weather is interesting for at least two minutes, after that, it's just repetitive and boring.

True to form, we have been discussing Obamessiah and the recent claim from a White House aide that, "I did not bow to that man." However, at the press conference at the White House, the aide was unable to cover his (or Obamessiah's) hindquarters when the reporters pointed out the mistakes in his spin.

Aide: The President was taking the king's hand in both his hands and he's taller than the king.
Reporter: The President's left hand is at his side.
Aide: The President was just being gracious and following protocol
Reporter: For 200 years, the protocol is that American leaders bow to no one. Remember how Clinton was thrashed for bowing a little too deeply when he met Emperor Akihito from Japan or when Bush held the Saudi king's hand?
Aide: Moving on.

Chili Bob felt my take on the situation was interesting and that I should post it all over the net. In deference to his older and wiser take on things, Cassandra (that's me) speaks.

Have you heard that Obamessiah was not really making a deep obeisance to the Saudi king, but just leaning a little to grasp both his hands since he's so much taller than the king? The apologists are out in full force trying to spin Obamessiah very deep bow to the king (the bow of a servant to his lord) as just a mistaken impression. One person even told me that it's protocol and that the President would be expected to do the same thing with the emperor of China or Japan. Uh, no. Only those people offering their service and fealty to a ruler do that, not the head of a country and certainly not the President of the United States. Obamessiah didn't even bow to the Queen of England, even though that is the protocol. He slightly inclined his head. If the Obamessiahs were so interested in protocol then Michelle wouldn't have neglected to curtsy and would not have touched the Queen without her permission. Just another whitewash job. At this rate, Obamessiah will soon be as white as Michael Jackson.

Cassandra has spoken but no one believes. She was cursed by Apollo to prophesy the truth but never be believed. If you're not sure who Cassandra is, check mythology. Remember Troy? Cassandra prophesied it's destruction.

That is all. Disperse.

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