Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hope for the fifties

I forgot to mention some very good news that came my way earlier this week. My cousin, Bobbi Jean, whose daughter, Allyson, died in January, is getting married this summer. She's been divorced almost as long as I have been and it seems she has kept him under wraps mostly. Bobbi Jean is 53 and she will get married this summer. There's hope for the rest of us old maids and divorced women over fifty. Who knows? Some day a prince will come for us. It's certain, from the description that I was given of Bobbi Jean's fiancé, that her prince has indeed come and she will join the ranks of other women in our family who have married Jims.

I doubt, however, there's hope for me since I'm not looking for a husband or even want one most of the time (check with me again when the moon is blue or the whores are moaning), but it is nice to know that if I really want one, a prince is out there waiting for me to accept his proposal. Bobbi Jean has held her prince off for some time, but finally gave in and said, "Yes." Congratulations, Bobbi Jean and Jim.

That is all. Disperse.

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