Monday, May 04, 2009

Sleepless in Colorado

My head is throbbing. I have a hangover, and, no, it's not from drinking too much alcohol. It's lack of sleep and too much social life this weekend. The only time I've had to myself this weekend was while I should have been sleeping. Instead, I finished the edits on the novel and did a lot of rewriting. Nothing like correcting writing tics to keep me from sleeping. Every time I laid down and closed my eyes my mind whirled with a few more things I should have checked and more changes to certain scenes. I ended up doing more writing than sleeping and soothed myself by plunging back into the history and mystery of the last Jewish king. Lying down and reading ancient history and modern commentary was the only thing that helped me sleep, but it didn't last long before I was up and rewriting again.

Don filled my social calendar between seminars this weekend and every evening. He took me out to dinner and, even though I hesitated to accept again after going out on Thursday night, I relented. We had a good time, but staying up past midnight every night wore me down. We had a lot to talk about, and I'm glad we did, but I would rather have been in bed much earlier.

Yesterday morning we went for a drive in the mountains and were gone most of the day. I didn't mind the rain or the drive, but I spent most of the time wishing I were back in bed. I yawned most of the time and did my best not to fall asleep while he drove. In fact, I yawned most of the weekend. Did you know you can hurt yourself stifling a yawn? I think I got whiplash stifling a couple of really big yawns. I'm far too mature for this late night, always on the go life.

He flies back to Ohio this morning and I will probably spend the whole day asleep at my desk while doctors drone and snort and speed talk and ramble in my ears. In other words, it's a typical work day. He's planning to come back on the 15th to check out some property. I'm going to need a lot of sleep.

I'll have to catch up on my reading and other writing this week, so I probably won't get to bed early this week either. Not a problem. I'm beginning to get used to throbbing headaches and lack of sleep.

Okay, I'm off to shower and see if I can't pull myself together enough to get dressed and get some breakfast before I fall asleep again. That would be bad, very bad.

That is all. Disperse.

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