Monday, June 29, 2009

Traveling and domestic adventures

This weekend I was engrossed in one of the review books I received last week and now I want to read more of this particular author's work to see if it was a fluke or she really is that good. There's just something about a good story that spreads laughter and tears in equal measure in well paced and well written prose that gives me a really good reason to shirk my other weekend duties, like doing dishes and laundry and cleaning house, without a second thought. It's what I love most about books, stepping into a world that comes alive around me, especially when I'm in a bit of pain.

I have this tricky rib on the left side of my back that has a tendency to flip out of position and cause my shoulder blade to go wonky, which in turns affects all the muscles on the left side from my shoulder down to the elbow and from my spine to my armpit. Raising my left arm in some positions is painful and all the muscles cramp and spasm. It goes away in time and it finally popped late last night. But while things are out of whack, I like to find a good book to dive into and forget I'm in pain even when I breathe. I forgot about the pain enough that I could make falafel and knead dough to make pita bread yesterday so I could try falafel in pita pockets with homemade tzatziki sauce, which turned out to be not so difficult to make. Next time I think I'll try more cucumber and not so much raw garlic. Maybe I'll roast the garlic first and see what that does to the sauce. It was still good, but a little heavy on the raw garlic.

Kneading dough is what helped pop my shoulder blade and rib back into place so it's good for more than baking bread, which, btw, turned out very nicely.

Since I was traveling in London and Edinburgh over the weekend, I shall have to catch up on my chores this week. At least I don't have anything else scheduled, other than work and writing a couple of reviews, so I have plenty of time, unless of course I get caught up in the other books in the review box or writing a couple of stories that have germinated sufficiently to be committed to paper and grow into something publishable. I feel a little at loose ends right now as though becalmed in the Horse Latitudes waiting for the release of my novel. I still don't have a cover or release date -- that I know of -- and haven't received the final galleys, so I'm getting a bit antsy.

In the meantime, I have to take out the trash, shower, dress and get to work so I can afford this lavish lifestyle with its endless round of chores and muddling through the days and nights. At least it beats boredom.

That is all. Disperse.

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