Monday, July 27, 2009

Broke but happy

Friends and family have called and emailed to tell me they got their copies of Past Imperfect. Seven minutes after Beanie called Mom called to ask where hers is. She didn't buy one yet, so she won't get it until she does, but I got mine. Actually, I got five copies of my novel and a t-shirt and a the cover and a brand new, freshly minted dollar bill in a frame (the glass was trashed) and a little bag of goodies and 50 posters and a big neat dark blue canvas bag and an advance check. Not a bad haul, but I'm a little bummed about the glass, especially since the box was marked FRAGILE and it looks like someone stomped on the box and destroyed the glass. I'll have to see if the USPS will buy new glass or if I will have to do it, but as soon as I do tomorrow, it goes on the wall. My first dollar earned from my first published novel -- and there's more to come.

You can get your copies of Past Imperfect at Hurry while the supplies last.

That is all. Disperse.

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