Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tarot: The cups runneth over

I think this is the first time in a long time I have had so much fun and learned so much, and pulled so many cups. I pulled three more cards, that I won't be detailing today, but if I was playing poker, I'd have won the pot, Aces up.

The three cards for today are the Ace of Cups, Eight of Cups and the Ace of Pentacles. Cups represent the element of water and Pentacles the element of earth. Put them together and you get muddy, but in the world of tarot everything comes up wine and money.

Ace of Cups

As with all Aces, the Ace of Cups is about new beginnings. The Aces are the first card in each of the four suits, akin to the new moon, full of possibilities and bright horizons. The Ace of Cups is no exception with the focus on a new relationship, the start of an adventure and overflowing emotions as with any new undertaking. The element of water is all about emotions, and there are emotions to spare in today's cards.

Above the cup the moon goes through its monthly cycle, reflecting as much of the sun as the Earth will allow. Perspective determines what is seen of the moon's dance with the sun just as emotions change depending on perspective.

The Ace of Cups is the Holy Grail with the power to heal or it can be nothing more than an illusion, its reality determined by the intent of the seeker. Surrounded and supported by water, the Ace of Cups holds within it creativity, contentment and abundance. It is the pitcher of Baucis and Philemon that Zeus touched so that it never ran dry. The Ace of Cups is a guide, its efficacy diluted or strengthened by intent and perspective. The all seeing eye above the cup can inspire fear, but don't run and don't discount or avoid intense feelings. Like any first flush of feeling, the intensity mellows out if you go with the flow, though it may be uncomfortable at first. The road ahead on this journey will likely be rocky from time to time, but perseverance will be rewarded.

8 of Cups

The Eight of Cups shows a man about to embark on a journey, obviously a theme in today's cards. Behind him are three empty cups and five cups still upright. It looks like the remains of a party, probably a bon voyage party, or it could signify our bold fellow has tasted all the cups and has not been satisfied. He wants/needs something more. He is willing to abandon success to follow a larger dream, meet and conquer the next challenge, to build on his achievements to reach even higher and farther.

There is a void inside him, a space that needs to be filled. He cannot rest on his laurels; he must keep going, keep growing and changing, or he will stagnate. He has gathered material wealth, but his victory is hollow so he turns away to seek that which will fill him, complete him. In the distance, there are mountains to climb and this was but a resting place. The seeker can either journey forward or stay and finish the contents of the five remaining cups.

Some people will say he is abandoning everything for some nebulous dream, that he is leaving a mess for someone else to clean up. Instead, the seeker is being true the voice of his soul as he turns away from shallow comfort and moves forward toward the dawn and into a new day where the full moon is being chased by the rising sun and anything is possible. He no longer wishes to be blind like the mole behind him. His eyes are open and he is ready to move forward, to embrace change and stride forward no longer content to rest beneath the reflected light of the moon, but to walk across the vistas revealed beneath the clear, bright light of day. The night is past and a new day begins. The seeker has a mission and does not wish to waste time looking behind.

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles embodies the element of earth, the symbol of physical existence where a world of possibilities waits. Once again, the moon is in a paling dawn sky, heralding a new day, a blank slate. The moon is full. The Earth no longer stands between the sun and the moon, but it is a short-lived time for soon the Earth will obscure the sun and the moon will reflect less of the light. The moon faces the sun without obstacles for only three days, so time is important. Begin or wait for another month. The Universal clock is ticking as the world stands poised between day and night.

The pentagram's five sides represent the five senses and the sun in the center is the bright light of the spirit at the heart of everything. The spirit binds the senses and gives them form and purpose. They are intertwined, a resource to be used well and not squandered. Avoid the temptation to under value any of the senses or the heart and soul that bind them, to under value yourself or your abilities because you consider them mundane. Each sense has value and when combined offer the ability to give everything texture, form, depth, weight and reality.

The Ace of Pentacles is all about reward and prosperity in the physical realm, an investment in tangible wealth and property. Whether that property is a house or indeed anything that can be touched and held, anything that has substantial solidity, use it wisely. Be cunning like the weasel, alert to the opportunities around you, relying on all the senses as a guide. Whatever will be revealed in the brilliant light of a new day -- new career opportunity, a raise or promotion, land, a new home or a new story or book -- embrace it. You've earned it.

Taken together, the cards point toward new horizons and new challenges with reward at the end of the journey. Don't cast aside any opportunity, no matter how prosaic or unimportant it seems at first glance, or risk having to wait for opportunity to come around again. Don't squander your talents or your opportunities because each small step takes you one step closer to your goal. Stay alert and focused on your goals. The rewards will be worth it and they are within your grasp if you have sense enough to appreciate them.

Until next week, good writing.

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