Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wedding errata

Don't have time for a full update or post, but I thought people might find this as interesting as I did. It arrived among my Google Alerts yesterday and was news to me. At least I was told in plenty of time to get ready for the event.

It never occurred to me that anyone who knew me well would mistake the announcement as mine, but some of my friends did. A couple friend called last night to congratulate me on my upcoming wedding and wanted to know why I hadn't mentioned Christopher before. Uh, because I don't know him?

I knew there were at least three other people who shared my name, although I doubt we are related, but I didn't expect a wedding announcement. So, just to be clear, in case you're planning to spring for a wedding gift and a trip to Washington to attend the nuptial celebration, I am not engaged or getting married on August 22nd. I do, however, wish my namesake (I am older than the other three) congratulations and a very happy life.

That is all. Disperse.

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