Friday, January 15, 2010

Things to do in bed

Okay, I get the whole e-book thing now. It's convenient. It's small and fairly lightweight. It fits easily and comfortably in the hand and there's no need to raise the arms to turn the pages, a button does all the work. It takes up about the same space as a paperback and the batteries last a good amount of time. But if I give up real books, the ones with covers and spines and pages, I won't have anything to sleep with. Maybe that's a good thing. Feng shui would have it that having a space on the bed where someone else would sleep is an invitation to someone in the universe willing to sleep on that side against the wall with me on the other side providing furnace heat. Other New Age best selling books say the same thing. So, that only leaves me who wants to sleep with books and magazines and catalogues.

Tim told me his doctor told him (don't you just love he said-she said stories?) that the only thing a person should do in bed is sleep. Tim has insomnia and only uses his bed for sleep. No wonder he has insomnia. I use books and magazines and other reading material like most people use Valium and sleeping pills. Reading lying down makes me sleeping, even with my 1150. Of course, with the 1150, I don't have to roll over and turn out the light; I can -- and do -- read in the dark. When I wake up in the middle of the night and have a little trouble falling back to sleep, I read. Books are necessary on the bed -- and on the floor next to the bed and on the nightstand and on the chest of drawers I pass when I come back from the bathroom on the way to the bed.

I also eat in bed on the weekends or when I'm under the weather. On the weekends, it's a luxury not to have to get up, make breakfast, get showered and dressed and work. I can lounge around all day in bed with pit stops and eat and sleep and read to my heart's content. I think weekends are made for relaxing and unwinding from the hectic weekday pace, and bed is the best place to do that. I drink in bed most nights. I drink fresh, hot cocoa or chamomile tea, and sometimes I have a half glass of wine with my book before turning out the light and going to sleep.

For the first year after I moved here I didn't eat anything in the bedroom and I only kept a glass of water by the bed to drink when I wake up in the middle of the night and I feel a bit parched from the furnace or the summer night's heat. I'd eat in the living room on the couch where there's a table (the coffee table, except I don't drink coffee) and read or watch a movie. The minute I got comfortable and stretched out to read, I fell asleep with the lights on and in an uncomfortable position that made my neck cramp for days. That's when I lifted the self-imposed ban on eating and drinking in the bedroom. I want to be comfortable when I read and to be comfortable I need to be in bed where if I fall asleep I'm not going to wake up with cramps and aches in places that usually don't cramp and ache, thank you very much.

And beds are for having sex, napping and having more sex. Of course, that might be a little difficult with the usually unoccupied side of the bed covered with books, magazines and catalogues, so maybe the e-book reader is a better idea for reading in bed . . . just in case. You just never know. After all, a hundred books in bed, not including catalogues and magazines, are a bit difficult to get off the bed in case of a sex attack, and getting to the sex would be quicker without all my usual companions.

Aw, hell, that's why couches, and floors and kitchen counters were invented -- to have sex when half the bed is covered in books.

I like my 1150 and it is convenient, but I'm not giving up the three dimensional, food-stained, smudged pages of paper and ink books. A girl's got to have something to cozy up to on a sleepless night.

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