Sunday, September 16, 2012

Time for a change


What is it about bald women that makes some men go wild and some men cringe in fear? Sigourney, Demi, Sinead, and Natalie all went bald, or as close as one can get without shaving, and they looked beautiful and hot. I guess when a woman is already beautiful and hot, going bald doesn't change anything, which says a lot for the Sun King, Louis XIV, finding his wife, Maria Theresa, who was bald from alopecia (loss of hair) ugly and disgusting. He probably found her to be ugly and disgusting when she had hair. Arranged marriages are like that, especially among royalty, which is why so many of them had mistresses.

This morning while looking at myself in the mirror, I decided I needed a change, so I cut my hair. No, I didn't shave it, just cut it a bit below the ears. No, my ears are not that long. You're thinking about my breasts, and they're not that long either, especially not with all the fat on them. Don't tell me you didn't know that breasts are mostly fat. Men are enamored, besotted, intrigued, and desirous of breasts, fatty tissue that also produces milk. I don't know why some men find fat anywhere else so disgusting and wilting when the one feature on a woman they crave and lust for are all about the fat. I guess it all comes down to perspective. Doesn't it always?

So, I decided to cut my hair. It was getting long and I thought it would help slow down the natural hair loss that comes with age and the weight of long hair. When I was done I had more than a pound of hair. That's a lot of hair.

As I suspected, it was mostly brown with streaks of silver, which proved (to me at least) that my hair is actually going back to brown instead of marching onward toward full silver. I'm a little unhappy about it since I was happy with the progress towards total silver, but nature will have Her way and my feelings be damned. I'll get there eventually.

I go through this hair cutting ritual about once every year or so and it had been a while since I last chopped it off. This is the shortest I've gone for a while, but it will grow on me, I'm sure. A few months and I won't be able to tell I cut it. It will make showering nicer since I won't be pulling great long strands of hair out of folds and off my body, and it won't be hanging down the back of my tops like the wispy end of a mullet. I'll hav eless hair to clean up and get rid of, too. That has to be a plus.

I probably should have done this hair cutting routine at the beginning of spring so my neck won't be cold most of the winter, but that's the thing about impulses and a sharp pair of Gingher shears. Something's going to get cut. This time it was my hair.  Next time?

Who knows?

That is all disperse.

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