Monday, October 08, 2012

Bloody Roof Central

It only took 53 months to get it done but it is being done as I type this. My roof is finally being fixed. I can tell because there are men on the roof making noises with hammers and saws and I had to let them use the electricity in the house to run their power saws so they can cut out the bad parts of the roof. That means my last letter with the legalese and promise to contact state and local authorities worked. Or it could be that my promise to withhold rent and put it in escrow was the deciding factor. Either way, my roof is being rebuilt. Remember the power saws I mentioned. That means being rebuilt.

I've no doubt the landlord took the cheapest bid he could get but at least the work is being done and it is beginning to feel a bit warmer in here. Imagine that. Having a leaking roof does make a difference in how cold it gets in the winter. I might even be able to turn my office into a sitting room with a new HD flat screen TV after all and put in bookshelves and a big comfy chair and sit in here in the winter. I plan to put my office in the living room. Makes it easier to get the door when deliveries are made and someone knocks on the door so I will actually hear it. I can't hear knocking when I'm in the office in the drafty room with the holey roof.

This morning has been eventful for several reasons, not the least of which is a serious nose bleed, which is beginning to at last come under control. Time to up the intake on foods that contain vitamin K again. Of course, if I hadn't scratched my nose so badly when I blew it this morning I probably wouldn't have had the problem. It's so dry here that the usual post nasal drip turns to crusty dams of dried mucous that, when blown out, scrape the mucosal lining of my nose and hence the bleeding. It happens. I'm used to it happening, and it hasn't happened for years up to this point. The dry air just makes it all worse. Time to do the saline nasal spraying again.

That's the thing with life. Just when it seems boring and beyond banal, someone comes and climbs up on the roof, bringing helpers and friends, and begins tearing up the old roof and putting on a new one, and the shock creates a nose bleed, although truthfully, the nose bleed happened before the roofers arrived. It took a while to control.

In the meantime, anyone interested in a big old couch, glass end and coffee tables, and a whole lot of books?

That's all from bloody roof central. Disperse.

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