Thursday, February 27, 2014

Where Do I Find a Seeing Eye Dog?

Sunday when I woke up there was a big black blotch in my right eye. Horrors! My first thought was retinal tear. I just got back from the eye doctor's. It's not a retinal tear. I was somewhat less anxious when the blotch immediately began to dissipate Sunday, but I needed a second opinion, preferably from a doctor. My eye doctor isn't in on Mondays, so I called back Tuesday and got an appointment for this morning -- and I went. I'm still fuzzy; my eyes are dilated. I did all the machines and they took a photo of my retina. Everything is clear.

Surprisingly, my left eye has returned to 20/20 vision and is the dominant eye. My right eye has better vision than it did 6 years ago, which is why my contacts no longer help me see better. They are too strong.

Two hours and a dilation later (I won't mention the glaucoma screen; I hate that thing) and I have new contacts in a lower power for my right eye and no contact for my left eye since it is 20/20. I am a happy camper.

What I have is a posterior vitreous detachment (PVD). That's when the vitreous (liquid in the eye) gets thicker with age and clumpy and folds over a bit. That was what the black blotch was when I woke up Sunday. The blotch is nearly gone, just a faint spot in the corner of my right eye. It happens as the eye -- and we -- age.

However, if you see a large or small or flurry of black dots, a hazy dark veil across your vision, and flashes/sparkles/lances of light, get to your eye doctor. It may be a retinal detachment and can be sealed with a laser to the affected area. Don't take your vision for granted. I certainly don't.

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