Friday, June 06, 2014

Moving House

My Uncle Bob suggested I get a 20-gauge shotgun since I nixed his first two suggestions: a dog and a man. It isn't that I don't like dogs or men, but that I'd rather not take on the responsibility for either.

They need so much time and attention and I"d rather spend my attention elsewhere. Besides, they have to be fed, watered, and walked on occasion and I'd rather not be held to that kind of schedule. They get so cranky and fractious when they don't get their twice daily walks. They are such creatures of habit and prefer to stick to a schedule.

The only schedule I will deal with is the schedule I have to follow when working for my employer, and, if things go well, I won't have to do that much longer. Once I get my cottage (or cabin) industry up and running, I will quit and work only for myself.

I'll need a rifle for hunting and I called Beanie to have her ask her husband, Dan, what he things would be a good all around hunting gun. I think I can safely rule out an elephant gun since there are no elephants at the altitude.

Yes, I have hunted, but not in many years (dare I say, decades?), but I remember how. I might even take up bow hunting or just archery for the exercise and to hone my abilities. You never know when I might need to fend off an attack of zombies, which reminds me I need to find a way to keep the deck clear of zombie incursions.

I'll have to hire someone to rig some kind of barrier on the stairs leading up to the deck. If they can't get through, they can't get to me and I can sit on the deck and pick them off at will. These things must be figured into future plans.

Now there is when a generator would come in very handy, especially if I put it in the crawl space where it's surrounding by cement walls. Maybe a ladder or stairs down into the crawl space. It's unusual in that you can actually stand up down there and would provide protection and a great panic room. Supplies could be stored down there.

So much to do, so many plans yet to be made, and a wide open future filled with possibilities. Yes, Jeff, I am still giddy.

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