Monday, July 07, 2014

Chasing the Truth

In yet another move to change her image, Hillary has reinvented history, or rather herstory. This time around Hillary wants to be seen as a woman of the people, an ordinary American you would meet at Target or Walmart, completely divorced from politics and remodeling/remaking and the scandals that have dogged her from the beginning. What it amounts to is a whole new batch of lies, misdirection, and lily gilding that she has undertaken since she first came to the public eye. Gone are the references to her involvement with the torture and murder of suspects during Black Panther trials when she was in college. Absent is her mishandling of health care reform during Bill Clinton's first term in the White House. Very present are her tales of woe and being stone broke when she and Bill left the White House while denuding their apartments and access areas of everything that wasn't nailed down. I'm sure she and Bill only meant to pawn what they could and decorate their new hovel in Washington, which is what they would have done if they had not been forced to give it all back. In Hillary's latest memoir, written by yet another ghost writer, Hillary marks her climb from the obscurity of her radical left days to her prominence as Bill's loving wife and Chelsea's mom who was more interested in domestic affairs than in her law career in Arkansas, her spearheading reform of the education system, and her stumping for Bill while he sank his first term as governor by raising car license plate taxes. She glosses over the all night strategy sessions and the way she handled Bill through the years before his re-election to the governor's mansion two years later and his subsequent terms in office. Gone are Bill's philandering and sexual redatory habits, and the demonizing and discrediting of the women he used, abused, andt tossed away and Hillary makes scant mention of Monica Lewinsky and what she knew and when she knew it, all in the name of political expedience. What this version of Hillary is supposed to do is make her look less like a rabid bull dog and more like a homebody who puts her family first and politics last, neither of which will wash as she collects $225,000 for speaking engagements where she gives her fees to charities, the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation charity. Hillary has one aim, to sit in the Oval Office as President, the first woman president of the USA, and she won't let a small thing like the truth get in her way. Expect to see more tales of landing in Bosnia under fire and running hunched over to waiting cars as welcoming ceremonies disappear --- at least in her mind. Her arrival can still be seen on YouTube any time you need to brush up on the facts, complete with welcoming ceremony. The truth in a Hillary presidency will always be the first victim of her agenda and play very little part in policy or reality. Keep that in mind while you contemplate voting for the Hillary the Chimera. In spite of her advocacy for women and children's rights, one thing remains obvious. For Hillary, it's about money, power, and celebrity and she will use whatever means necessary to make it happen as she has in the past and in the latest words out of both sides of her mouth at any given moment.

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