Friday, February 20, 2015

No Joy From the Left

Let me begin by writing that I know how important it is to blog more often than I do, but so is reading and working. Housework obviously does not take a front seat in my world as I prefer to work or even occasionally make dense yeasty bread than clean house. The bags full of drywall dust damped my enthusiasm for getting all that gunk out of the carpets, mostly because no matter how much I vacuum, it is still there.  There will be an end, but I'm not sure I shall live to see it happen. I'd rather read . . .

or listen to a book on computer/Kindle/Fire, and listen I did last weekend to Jason L. Riley's Please Stop Helping Us.  

I was discussing the book and Riley's excellent research, style, and facts with a good friend of the Republican persuasion when he rained all over my parade. Riley contends, and rightly so, that liberals have it bass ackwards (as my mother used to say). They are not being oppressed by whites and are in fact, as Dr. Bill Cosby suggested, at fault for their own problems. No, whitey is not keeping you down nor are blacks who have made a success of their life in the business world selling their fellow blacks down the river to be Uncle Toms, Oreos, etc. These successful black men, from scientist George Washington Carver to Dr. Ben Carson, and, yes, even Bill Cosby, have been and are successful not by bowing to white supremacy but to realizing education, proper diction, and respect for the way the world works best is the only real and honest path to success.

Riley lays out in solid prose with facts and figures that cannot be disputed that by playing victim blacks who have embraced the ghetto mentality and raised thugs, criminals, and ne'er do wells on pedestals is not healthy nor is it wise.

I was surprised to find out that George Washington Carver was denounced by the black community at large for his successes and his work ethics and political beliefs. The prevailing belief was that Carver was an Uncle Tom and did not have his people's best interests at heart. The only path to equality was through political activism of the likes of Rev. Wright, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton variety. If you can't beat them, don't join them, beat them down with hellfire and brimstone and demand recognition and equality by making whitey feel guilty for keeping the black man, and woman, down. Make them pay.

Thought Riley did not mention it, Frederick Douglass was also denounced by the black community and would have been the first black vice president, and eventually president, had his own people not joined against him and Victoria Woodhull in pulling them down and forcing Ms. Woodull into bankruptcy to keep them from winning, and even campaigning for, the presidential nomination. What a travesty and a shame.

Riley discussed everything from welfare to prisons to the ghetto mindset that keeps black Americans from being taken seriously. He also discusses the impact of gangsta rap and the higher incidence of unwed mothers and its effect on the nuclear family. I was impressed by his style and by the facts. They are very similar to my own beliefs and knowledge of what is really going on.

I did not, however, know that Asians comprised such a huge percentage of admissions to charter schools, colleges, and universities, and how liberal and black insistence on maintaining quotas of blacks in all areas of education, business, and politics have seriously harmed Asians and other immigrants. Neither blacks nor liberals are actually interested in maintaining equal opportunity, unless it is heavily weighted towards blacks at the expense of Asians and other immigrants. That is not what equal opportunity means and it is not what Dr. King and Robert Kennedy and the men and women who fought for civil rights intended.

As I passionately went on, Jeff stopped me dead in my tracks with a heart stopping dousing with icy water. "None of it matters because they aren't going to pay attention or even read his book." He was right. Liberals and militant blacks have no interest in facts and research and data. All they want to see and hear is more white bashing and more guilt and more fiery rhetoric that does more to divide the nation and the people. Facts and figures have a way of making their opponents' eyes glaze over and yawn. What do all the facts and figures in the world mean if the opposition (militant blacks and liberals) never takes the time to read, listen, and see the truth. Their views of equality have nothing to do with truth or equality and everything to do with beating every nay-saying educated opponent down with yelling, screaming, misrepresentation (lies), heightened emotions, and violence.

He's right. And I am right in reminding myself and others that this is just more evidence that George Orwell's view of socialism is as obvious as the pigs in Animal Farm. Socialism is a good idea, and so is Utopia, if only there were no people involved.

I highly recommend Jason L. Riley's Please Stop Helping Us for a dose of facts and truth . . . even if you are a liberal or black blinded by the ghetto mindset and sold on being a victim.

For the record, Mr. President, yes, integrity, honor, and character do matter. 

Btw, there is a reason the word for out of fashion and not classy is gauche.  In English, gauche means left.

That is all. Disperse.

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