Sunday, November 29, 2015

Illegal Immigrants Demand Rights

As if the world and this country are not having enough problems, illegal immigrants have issued a Bill of Rights of their own and demand equal rights with American citizens. They are tired of being labeled as illegal immigrants and want to be called undocumented workers. They also don't like being called illegal aliens because the terms are pejorative and cast them in a negative light.

What about illegally crossing American borders to live and work in this country don't they get? They are called illegal immigrants and illegal workers because they are in this country illegally. It's called a crime, so why should the American people grant them full rights just because some pregnant woman snuck over the border to bear her child in America for free at an American hospital just to get Welfare and be allowed to stay in this country using that newborn child to tug on American heart strings and demand to be allowed to stay because they weren't caught early enough and the child should not be separated from its mother and family, that is also illegally in this country and be deported?

Hello! Are you paying attention? You are illegally in this country, the United States of America, and now you want to be rewarded for breaking our laws with the benefits of being an American citizen. Not likely.

While Obama is content to allow you to stay, the rest of America outside of California is not. We are citizens and we have the right to stand by our laws, something which you are obviously not willing to do because you broke the law when you came into this country without going through the legalization and naturalization process that was set up for immigrants. Why should you go to the head of the line because some liberal wants to use you to boost their political campaign and stay in office long after they should have turned in their badges and gone home to be a private citizen again? While liberal Democrats are content to use you to boost their votes, the rest of Americans are not. You have committed a crime and committing a crime to be here is not the best way to begin a relationship or to gain citizenship no matter what people like Obama and Pelosi and Harry Reid say. You broke the law. Why is that a difficult concept to understand?

Had you done the same thing in your own countries, committing such a major crime, I doubt that the police or the government would look kindly on your demands and let you live nnbattered and unbruised -- or let you live at all. Yet you come to the USA, commit the crime of crossing our borders illegally, and expect to be given a pass and free citizenship. What is wrong with this picture?

I have known a few illegal immigrants and heard their stories. I even considered marrying an illegal immigrant to allow him to stay in America though I knew he was in love with a young woman, an American citizen who was born in this country after her parents came to America legally. Her father would not allow them to get married because he was an illegal alien. Hot flash! The girl and her family were also from South America and they did not look kindly on my friend for crossing the border illegally and living illegally in this country. Kind of puts a different face on the situation.

I know what he went through in Mexico and that his brother was an aide in the President of Mexico's office. He came from a good family, but he wanted to escape Mexico and his middle class family and come to America. The problem was that he could not pass the legal immigration rules because he had been in jail and had already been deported back to Mexico once. Oops! But he bought more fake identification and cross the border illegally. Maybe that is part of why the girls parents refused to allow them to marry. They were probably afraid that he was using their daughter to get a green card and become a naturalized American citizen. Imagine? They looked down on him for being illegal and for committing crimes to stay in this country. Talk about prejudice.

California allows illegal immigrants to run for office and even to vote, although the votes they cast aren't valid outside of California -- unless they have found a way to sneak past the voting machines and the legal protocols to make their votes count in a national election. I believe that voter fraud is also a crime. California may be more lenient about breaking the law, but that is probably why they are in danger of bankrupting the state. Too many illegal immigrants on Welfare and food stamps and getting government handouts. Too many illegals being fed, clothed, and often even housed by the State of California while they illegal aliens send money back to their countries to bring more of their relatives over the border illegally to settle in California and take their share of the public pie.

Illegal immigrants are willing to commit as many crimes as necessary to get into the United States and yet do not see that their crimes make them ineligible for citizenship so they demand to be treated fairly the way they have treated US laws and regulations. Deportation is a small price to pay for breaking US laws. Be glad we don't behead, torture, and murder you for breaking the law.

However, that does not mean you are entitled to a fair trial or justice under US laws because you are not a citizen. Citizens have rights. Illegal aliens do not. Go home. Go back to your own country. You are not welcome here.

Oh, there are American citizens that welcome you because you mean cheap labor so they can keep more of their profits and cheat the USA and its citizens. There are penalties, among them fines and prison terms, but they won't be deported because they are already citizens. Greedy citizens who have used you for their own gains, but still American citizens. The illegal immigrants will be deported.

Of course, there is a process where you could be hired legally by an individual or company, which would give you a higher wage, and you'd be a migrant worker. If you left that company or individual and struck out on your own you would become an illegal alien and, if caught, would be deported.

The interesting part of the migrant worker program is that the workers complain that they don't make enough money. Huh? It is more than you made in your own country or you wouldn't be here in the first place waiting for your chance to run away and become an illegal alien using forged or stolen documents to get onto the public dole to get food stamps and Welfare so you can sit in your crowded apartment or rented house with a dozen other illegal aliens so you can sit on your backsides and get together with like-minded illegal aliens to put together a Bill of Rights so that you can force, cajole, or otherwise game the system in order to get equal pay and amnesty for absconding from the person who hired you and vouched for you, promising that you would stay for the length of your contract and then go back to your own country richer than when you left it. Instead, you committed a crime, and likely several crimes, to take US money and assistance so you could plan to force the US government to recognize you, give you documents, forgive your crimes, and become an American citizen. More crimes. More lies. More ways to remain in this country illegally until you are either deported or given amnesty. I don't know what it looks like to you, but to me it looks like theft of the American dream to which you have no right since you are in this country illegally.

I'm not sure if your actions remind me more of moths being drawn to a bright light, batting against the light until they get their wings singed and eventually die or being drawn to the bright light of a bug zapper and end up dead by electrocution or a horde of zombies attacking an animal or a person and devouring them like on The Walking Dead. Whichever way it ends up in reality, death by bug zapper or a bullet or knife through the brain, at least you would no longer have to deal with the US system of rules and regulations and we would not have to deal with you demanding what you have no right to since you broke those same laws to be here.

And demanding equal pay? I don't know if you read the news or understand the language since you are intent on remaining true to your own language and customs and beliefs and refuse to assimilate, but US citizens, especially women, have been demanding equal pay for decades, and you expect us to give you equal pay? Dream on.

The demand I find the most interesting and insane comes from those illegal immigrants to were maimed and hurt when they came to the USA illegally aboard a train called La Bestia (The Beast). Gangs of their own people or people in countries they passed through beat them and dragged them off La Bestia to take their place on the train. Many fell off the train and under the wheels onto the tracks and lost arms, legs, and often their lives and they expect the US government to compensate them.

"Along the route many will end up either losing their limbs or being killed as a result of falling under the wheels.

Many others end up being robbed or attacked by gangs.

If that is not enough of a risk, if you make it alive, you still have a chance of getting caught and arrested.

During a protest Monday, more than a dozen people in attendance had lost a limb in their attempt to cross the border.

They say it should not be that dangerous and are calling for safer alternatives."

It should be safer to illegally cross US borders? It shouldn't be dangerous to sneak over US borders? You want the US to send a train or a plane ticket or maybe a fleet of chauffeur driven limousines to make it easier for you to violate US borders? Obviously, you have been smoking marijuana or are high on coca leaves or cocaine or are simply insane. Why should the US make it safer for you to violate our borders? You must be high to add that to your demands or liberals have fed you too many moonshine drugged pies while you were waiting for your turn in the tunnel beneath US borders or in a hell ride across some stretch of the desert where the fence protecting US borders is weak or has been torn down.

It's rather like the criminal who held up a couple on the street and was surprised when he ended up bleeding and hurt on the ground because the couple carried guns to keep from being robbed. The criminal sues the couple for shooting him while committing a crime and expects to be paid. The criminal sees himself as the victim and wants to be compensated for attempting to rob and maybe injure or maim his victims. What you demand is the same thing.

Yes, it does happen and some left leaning liberal judge might let him get away with it, but there are not that many left leaning liberal judges in the whole of the USA to agree to allowing you to victimize Americans because you decided to break the law and enter the USA illegally. Get real!

You might ask what happened to my illegal friend.

After talking with an immigration lawyer, she assured us that marrying an American citizen was no guarantee that he would be granted citizenship. There was a process he would have to go through which would be conducted by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. We would have to live together for 2 years and be interviewed several times a year to see if we were actually married or he was merely trying to get citizenship by marrying me. There would be agents of the INS watching us to verify our story and we would both be in trouble with the law if it was discovered he had married me for a green card. He would be immediately deported and I would be thrown in prison for breaking the law. I decided it was not worth it, not even if he paid me a lot of money, to break the law. I knew if he was caught and deported he would cross the border illegally again and keep crossing the border illegally until he was either deported for good or would die in the attempt to illegally enter the country.

He lost his girl because she refused to go against her father and he moved on, taking his fake documents, disappearing into the shadows of the illegal immigrant population. He would keep trying because he wanted to become a US citizen and any risk was worth the risk. Any risk but applying for a Visa and getting into the country legally. His brother, the President of Mexico's aide, would not help him and neither would the President of Mexico. His family had washed their hands of him and he was on his own.

Maybe he is among the millions of illegal immigrants picketing the White House and demanding to be recognized, demanding to be called undocumented workers, demanding equal pay, demanding a safer way to illegally enter the US, demanding not to be deported, demanding to be treated as citizens because they have a child born in the US after they sneaked into the US. Demanding to have a voice in government, to vote, to be treated as a law abiding citizen even though they are not law abiding or a citizen.

They are entitled to dream. They are not entitled to the American Dream. They are not Americans. They are criminals and the country cannot keep them nor will taxpayers continue to pay their taxes for them to get Welfare and food stamps and disability checks from social security because they paid into the system.

In the end, you buy your ticket and take your chances, except even that you refused to do when you illegally crossed US borders to be here. Accept your punishment and justice. Go back to your own countries. Work for change. Build your own dream in your own countries and fight for the changes and freedoms you want. That is how the USA got them. If freedom isn't worth dying for, then you obviously don't want it very much. You're freeloaders expecting to be rewarded for your crimes.

What will you do if your demands are not met? Riot (another crime)? Rape and pillage the country where you say you want to live (more crimes)? Take your demands and leave because the US people are being mean to you and won't recognize you as anything but criminals? Please, let me escort you to the border.

That is all. Disperse.

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