Monday, February 22, 2016

Planet X Rising

Planet X, Nibiru, whatever it is being called these days is visible in the skies and has been since December 2015. So much for hiding the truth. It's easy to call the people who believe in Nibiru, Planet X, whatever crackpots and lunatics or religious fanatics, but when the evidence is visible in the skies and being reported -- finally -- on mainstream news, and not just Fox TV, the crackpot angle crumbles.

No, Nibiru is not going to crash into the Earth. No, it will not destroy us or our solar system because it has been rising every 3600 years or so for hundred of thousands of years, sometimes with actual people living and breathing on the surface before and after it comes into a solar system. It is doubtful its effects would devastate the planet since it has come and gone so many times before.

The planet is visible because it is within the solar system, but not close enough to loom over us or blot out the sun. It is being called a brown dwarf star, but that would, as far as we poor average people are concerned, not be possible. Living on a star? Even a brown dwarf star? Wouldn't that be too hot? No uninhabitable? We don't know because we know less than the average 10-year old kid just beginning his scientific journey.

Basically, a brown dwarf is a failed star, a star unable to sustain hydrogen-1 fusion and are about 10-100 times the size of Jupiter. No, Jupiter is not a brown dwarf, just a gas giant. A brown dwarf would be at least 10x the size of Jupiter and pretty hot. The planet that is now visible (Nibiru) is only 5-10x the size of Earth, so not a brown dwarf as some news sources are calling it. It's a planet, one bigger than Earth and dimmer than the sun, but not a brown dwarf. It is not nor ever has been a star, not with people living on it according to what has been written about Nibiru.

I guess it's easier to call it a brown dwarf and speculate about its collision with Earth and our ELE (extinction level event, our looming demise) to spark up the news, but more disinformation after 40 years of lies is not helpful.

The planet was first seen on infrared telescope (IRAS) in the 1980s and likely farther back than that (~1970s) and President Reagan, and likely a couple of presidents before Reagan, knew about it. Guessing from the more recent news about gold reserves and covert Black Ops projects in the government, that was probably when Nixon took the USA off the gold standard and gold reserves went missing. Suggests the possibility that Goldfinger actually got control of the nation's gold reserves at Fort Knox after all, though it wasn't by turning the entire gold reserve radioactive or by trucking the gold bars out of the vaults. It was likely far more mundane, moving the gold to secure underground bunkers or facilities. Whether that was to protect the gold or just hide it away for future use in case of a disaster is unknown.

At any rate, about 40 or so years ago, the US government became aware of a planet 5-10 times the size of Earth hurtling toward the center of the solar system just like the stone and clay tablets said. There had always been stories of a Destroyer and the attendant fear of comets and other objects in the sky proclaiming danger and a time of weeping and gnashing of teeth. I guess they read a different version of events than I did, and it is certain the media is way off base about the danger. At least the danger of destruction and devastation.

Nibiru, or Planet X, have been regularly visiting this solar system across the ecliptic since before the Earth was flung into its current position between Venus and Mars. The planet has been visiting our remote neck of the universe's woods for hundreds of thousands of years, and more likely billions of years. Now, the sightings bring a mixture of fear from the general population -- and those that listen to and read the media -- and celebration for those who have believed in and studied the ancient documents about the Planet of the Crossing (that is what Nibiru means - Planet of the Crossing). This is what Sitchin wrote about and what Obama and the environmental fear mongers have been mistaking for cow farts and man made climate change. This is the reason for the changes and upheaveals in the weather and the earthquakes and the warming temperatures and likely the drop in water table levels in the Middle East. It has always been the reason and the cause for all the shifts because as the planet nears us off the beaten track in the back of the universe's beyond its considerable size and gravitational forces (mass) is pulling harder on Earth and shaking things up, hence the historical claims of the Great Red Dragon and Wormwood and Nemesis warning us of danger. It's gravitational effects are responsible for the Great Flood at the end of the last Ice Age that sent Noah and his small family to gather up pairs of animals and herd them into a big black box to weather the coming storm and survive the flood until the water receded sufficiently to step back onto the Earth.

According to the story in the Bible, God saved Noah and his little family because Noah was a righteous man beloved of God and saved while the rest of the planet drowned. Not so. It's a pretty story, but not accurate.

God, at least the Commander of Planet Earth, Enlil, knew of the coming flood because Nibiru was nearing and because the ice sheet over Antarctica was resting on slushy ground. Nibiru's gravitational pull would provide the force necessary to dislodge the ice sheet all at once and sent it into the surrounding ocean that would create a tidal wave that would engulf the planet, or at least most of the planet, and certainly every habitation in the Middle Eastern region around the Mediterranean and everywhere there were settlements of people. Enlil considered the people far too noisy rather like a cranky old lady in a neighborhood surrounded by families with small children complaining that the kids were too loud as they played ball and went about their kid activities while she was trying to enjoy the quiet when school was out. Probably why school was invented as a place to send noisy children so the neighborhood would be quiet during the day -- at least until late afternoon when they got out of school.

Enlil complained about the noise and about the sin. The sin amounted to the men in his command and from his planet taking the women as wives and sex partners instead of sticking to their own kind. Since females from their own planet were not as numerous as the men, it is no wonder the men began looking at the human females with sex on their minds. Some of the men took the human females as wives and married them. Fornicating with them was one thing, but marrying them? Think of how that went down in the South when white men fornicated with and married black slaves.

Enlil wanted to stop the men from sinning and get rid of the clamor of human voices and ordered his brother, Enki, not to tell anyone that the world was going to be destroyed by flood. Enki was fond of the humans since he was the reason they existed. He helped create them and some of the humans were his own offspring. Enki was one of Enlil's kind who had a problem with keeping it in his pants and often had sex with the humans who ended up having babies and raising them. Unlike foreign soldiers in distant lands, he knew which of the humans were his own offspring and cared what happened to them. He wasn't about to leave them to perish in the flood.

Since he had promised his brother, the Command of the Planet, not to tell the humans about the coming flood, he devised a way to tell them without telling them directly. He stood outside Ziusudra's chamber in the night (we call him Noah) and told the wall what was coming. He even provided plans for how to build the ark that would save Ziusudra and his family and some of his relatives. Enki also provided a protected container of DNA (seeds) from plants and animals that would also perish in the flood.

When Enlil and his people left the planet, he expected to watch the flood from space and return when the land was dry enough to walk upon. I would bet Enlil watched through the view ports at the beginning of the flood and checked it once in a while, or just listened to the reports from his science officers, while he waited out the flood. Imagine his shock and surprise when they came back to the planet to find there were noisy humans roasting meat on the spit and planting gardens for food. They were fishing and building temporary shelters and making more noise because they were glad to be alive. Enlil had not gotten rid of the noisy humans and was not happy as his people mingled with the humans and rejoiced over finding some of their friends and lovers among the group.

Who told? Enki, of course. He and Ninharsag, the doctor and geneticist who helped give life to the humans, were glad the humans had been saved from the flood and were probably happy that they wouldn't have to eat ship's rations. With the smell of roasting meat and fish and vegetables cooking over the fire, Enki confessed what he had done. Enlil wasn't happy since the objects of sin were still alive and his people taking advantage of their sojourn in space, but he would promise not to destroy the world by flood again.

Nibiru rising before the sun, Hawaii 2016

It would take a worldwide ice age to create the circumstances that led to the first Great Flood, so that was an easy promise to make, especially since he really had no control over how Nibiru's crossing would affect the planet. It was a no-brainer as we would say.

Just like Enlil's plan to rid himself and this planet of the noisy humans, it has been our government's plan to save the wealthy and the politicians when Nibiru crosses into our solar system again. They have been planning for the intrusion for about 40 years. Most people will end up like those outside of Noah, or Ziusudra's ark when the Great Flood began -- outside the underground shelters. Some will die along the coasts and the Mississippi River as earthquakes change the landscape and tsunamis from underwater volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and Nibiru's gravitational forces shake things up. The rest will be safe farther inland and in the mountains.

The rationale is that there will be less panic and fewer economic dangers if the people don't know and continue to live in coastal areas and along the Mississippi when Nibiru gets close enough to be noticed by the man on the ground. Better they don't begin stampeding away from the coastal regions and overload the resources and the land in the interior. Besides, what's the death of a few million people? Life is hard and there will be natural disasters. That's life. C'est la vie.

Besides, no need to leave the country open to attack along the coast when the people move to a safer place inland or in the mountains. It's for the best.

Instead, let's blame the visible effects of Planet X's gravity on global warming. We can blame the wars and the marauding Muslims raping and murdering and pillaging across the planet on manmade climate change. We can blame the earthquakes on fracking and man raping the resources. Let's get rid of a few of the sinners with some well placed propaganda and get the people fighting each other over resources and who is causing or not causing global warming. Keep them busy enough and they won't need to know until Planet X is blotting out the sun for a few days or a couple dozen hours. By then, it will be too late. The important people will be safe and the rest will have to fend for themselves. You know, God's will and all.

By now, you're probably convinced I'm a religious nut or worse yet -- a conspiracy nut, but a nut all the same. Denying man made global warming? Believing the US government has been hiding gold and building underground shelters while planning to leave the rest of the planet to die? I must be drinking some seriously toxic Kool-Aid. Don't look me directly in the eyes or I'll cast my spell over you too.

Obama has not been around 40 years mucking things up. He came in on the tail end of this latest debacle. He's making use of the facts, twisting them, and forcing people to do things his way. None of what he is doing has any basis in fact, scientific or any other kind of fact.

This planet is beginning to see and feel the results of Planet X's gravitational pull. It is the result of the tug-of-war between an unstoppable force and an immovable object. Yes, the Earth moves, but Planet X is an unstoppable force that has been coming our way for a few billion years and we are still here. We bear the scars of the encounters, but humans have lived through these encounters before and we are still here. Earth will not be destroyed, although the tidal/gravitational forces have been affecting the people and the planet, hence the warnings of Wormwood and Nemesis and The Great Red Dragon in the sky. You know how writers of religious warnings are. They love hyperbole and poetic renderings that are supposed to stick in the mind while the rest of the people guess at and make up mythologies to explain away the details.

Planet X is coming and is in the neighborhood and will be for some time to come like relatives showing up on the doorstep that have come to visit and plan to stay for a while. It will take longer than 3 days for this kettle of fish to begin to stink and will take a while to wash out of the sheets and the stink is long gone. We can see Planet X in the day time and before the rising of the sun. We could see Halley's comet clearly day and night, although better at night, and it was never in danger of crashing on Earth and taking out the human race. Planet X will come and will go and will come and go again in 3600 years.

And that is what bothers me. The last time Planet X arrived and left was about 600 B.C.E. Even using the kind of government math that results in trillion-dollar federal deficits, depleted Social Security funds, and maps where an inch equal 100 miles, the 3600 years have not yet passed. We have about a thousand years to go, which brings me to another point: the defeat of Satan after the Second Coming and his imprisonment for 1000 years. Until later...

That is all. Disperse.

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