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The Quality of Truth & Lies

I've been watching Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock. Goode is purportedly someone who was chosen for the Secret Space Program when he was 6 years old because he is an intuitive empath and David Wilcock is a best selling author writing about esoteric and occult subjects who has a half-hour show on Gaiam TV network.

As I watched the last program available, Corey Goode was talking about his visit to the Hollow Earth (aka Honeycomb Earth because it resembles a honeycomb) and to the Library and Hall of Records, which were beehives of activity. One of the humanoid beings, a priestess, told Goode that Sitchin's books were all lies and that he wrote what he was told by the Cabal, our financial overseers, what to write. His version of what was contained in the Sumerian tablets is part fact and mostly fantasy out of his very active imagination and is designed to keep humanity enslaved and believing what the Cabal wants the world to believe to promote their agenda of continued enslavement to money so that the world remains in their control. This is despite the agenda of the Sphere Being Alliance, the Blue Avians, the Draco beings, the Secret Space Program, and various other alliances and groups inside the Earth and from planets and groups throughout space. The priestess from Inner Earth did tell Goode that by reading the accurate translation of the Sumerian tablets and their histories the truth would be found, but it would not be found by reading Sitchin.

Goode said he spent some time on the Internet searching out sites like SitchinIsWrong and various sites claiming that Zechariah Sitchin's books are way off base. I've seen some of the same sites and read criticisms of Sitchin's work over the past couple of decades. Some of my friends have also called Sitchin's books and views alternative or fringe history, but then isn't everything fringe and alternative history when we get right down to it? History has been perverted by groups with agendas that do not include accuracy, truth, or history in order to guide, control, and otherwise keep the truth of our origins and the happenings on this planet for millennia, often through religion, but also through destruction of anything and everything that goes against their plans for humanity and their control over humanity's thoughts and memories and questions.

The first thing I checked out was the SitchinIsWrong website and I began reading with the link to the 12th Planet. Let me say that I have found some inaccuracies and discrepancies in Sitchin's work from the beginning, but find it difficult to discount everything he wrote. In short, he made mistakes.

In the criticism of Sitchin's book The 12th Planet, the writer, Dr. Michael S. Heiser, pointed out that the visitors/colonists that came to Earth over 450,000 years ago (let's call them Engineers) did not know more than the first five planets of this solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter. The other planets in his solar system were a mystery to them. Contained in the criticism is mention of a Sumerian tablet that spoke of Saturn. Unless the Sumerians considered Saturn one of the 5 planets already mentioned that they could see from the top of their ziggurats, that would mean that either Dr. Heiser's profound knowledge of the Sumerians and cuneiform was off or he made a mistake and translated the text correctly, which means that the Sumerians knew about Saturn. That would be 6 planets by my count in the solar system and not 5 and discounts his criticism and proof right off the bat.

People are fallible. Sitchin was not a dedicated linguist, but someone who was fascinated by history and determined to find the answers to questions he had asked as a child. He was gifted and had researched and learned a lot, but he did make mistakes, as many talented amateurs do. Dr. Heiser who is a noted historian, lecturer, and has a PhD is no talented amateur but a professional. Here is what it says on the website:

Mike Heiser earned an M.A. (1998) and Ph.D. (2004) in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Semitic Languages from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  His dissertation was entitled, "The Divine Council in Late Canonical and Non-Canonical Second Temple Jewish Literature" (English translation: the dissertation dealt with the presence of a pantheon in the Hebrew Bible and the binitarian nature of ancient Israelite religion and Judaism, a backdrop for the the belief in the deity of Christ in the New Testament).  Before going to the UW-Madison, Mike also earned an M.A. in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania (1992; major fields, Ancient Syria-Palestine and Egyptology).  Mike can do translation work in roughly a dozen ancient languages, among them Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Greek, Aramaic, Syriac, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Phoenician, Moabite, and Ugaritic cuneiform.  He has also studied Akkadian and Sumerian independently. 

His scholarship is unquestioned -- as much as scholarship can be questioned -- and he knows his subjects well. He is part of the same academic community that has denied the existence of a history that is different from that taught in universities, colleges, and schools, part of the establishment disseminating the same old stories with very little new information, the same academia that maintains that history is as it has been published in the accepted literature. I don't know how much his position or views have changed as more and more information is revealed about the hoax that has been perpetrated by academia and the established histories we have all been fed, but I have to wonder about his veracity and his motives. 

About the cylinder seal discussed in his criticism of the 12 planets in our solar system, I will give him that the explanation of the symbols on the seal seem accurate and it is likely that Sitchin's explanation is flawed. However, that does not change the fact that Saturn was known by the Sumerians -- and mentioned in Dr. Heiser's proof against Sitchin's claims -- and that Sitchin's work is not solely based on one clay cylinder seal. I will discuss my views and take on Dr. Heiser's further criticisms and proof in future posts. The point is that a flawed criticism is no proof that Sitchin was 100% wrong, just that he was wrong about his explanation of that cylinder seal. 

The body of Sitchin's work is far reaching and covers many disciplines within archaeology and history, including archaeoastronomy and dating ancient stone megaliths as well as his version of the Enuma Elish, the Sumerian/Akkadian genesis/origin story. I've found Sitchin's version engaging and entertaining if not always accurate, but how accurate can anyone be when they are 14,000-5000 years beyond the time the information was encoded in cuneiform and the various languages and writers that come between? At least Sitchin was working from a larger body of work than a few broken bits of pottery and the kinds of active imaginations that gave us the current version of history that has been published and republished in the past 600+ years from men and women who were bored landowners in search of proof that the Bible was fact and not mythology, as all other religions predating Christianity and Judaism were branded? Archaeologists -- might as well call them talented amateurs looking for fame and fortune and to mold the story of mankind -- have thrown away, destroyed, and hidden whatever they have found that didn't fit with their reconstruction and version of history. Rather the pots calling the kettles black. 

Academics coming up with different data that called the earlier accepted version into question found themselves in an academic cul de sac from which there was no reprieve. Their careers were ruined and their livelihood destroyed. They were relegated to the fringes and their work unpublishable and untaught. They moved into other fields or braved the censure of the academic establishment to be called crackpots, liars, fantasists, crazy, etc. Most of their work was destroyed or hidden and always criticized and denied until they either gave up or washed ashore on the Island of Misfit Academics to languish unknown and unheard of while what work remained undestroyed found shelter on the dusty shelves of out of the way colleges or museums or hidden in some moldering box in the bowels among forgotten crackpot theorists. 

Anyone who breaks from the established agenda was either destroyed or discounted. That is how academia deals with rebels and those willing to speak out -- even wrongly and with errors -- to control the mind of mankind. So, while I still question some of Sitchin's work, the bulk of it rings true -- at least to me. 

I have found from personal experience that liars that want to sway public opinion invariably call anyone that challenges them -- or calls them liars -- have already had their honesty questioned and their proofs destroyed as the liars painted them liars before they could tell their stories. 

That may also be the case with Goode's Inner Earth priestess's story about Sitchin's motives and the agenda behind why he wrote the books he did the way he did, especially if the priestess is doing her part in claiming their version of things is the truth and untainted by private agenda. We have only Corey Goode's testimony since he has shown no concrete evidence of his version of what he saw and did among the factions living in the inner Earth, and even that is called into question since his visit was by astral projection or a similar mode of transport. He gives no coordinates or photographic evidence or documents of what he says he experienced and relies only on his word. It comes down to whether or not one believes that Goode's words are accurate and his travels real. 

As much as I would like to believe him, I have seen very little verifiable proof and know very little about Corey Goode or David Wilcock. Their body language is open, although there is an element of hiding or protecting themselves in their postures and gestures. 

They brought in Michael Tellinger for a segment and at least Tellinger has some credibility with his published works and his very visible work in South Africa among the ancient relics and remains of ancient civilizations. He provides photographic evidence and verifiable proof to illustrate his beliefs and theories. Tellinger also uses some of Sitchin's writings and proofs in his own work and as a stepping stone along his own journey. 

I am reluctant to take the view that Sitchin lied about everything. I am aware that some of his theories and explanations fall short of the mark, but I knew that all along. I have spent many decades researching on my own and I have my own theories -- many of which I have explained here and elsewhere over the past nearly 2 decades. For now, I will keep an open mind and do what I have always done, research for myself and look behind the stories and various criticisms until I get closer to the truth. 

I also find Dr. Heiser's conclusions questionable when a new planet currently traveling through our solar system can be seen -- and has been known and its effects written about since the 1950s. If we with our inferior technology knew about a 12th planet coming into our solar system, a planet that has been documented in what has been called mythology by historians, it would seem that the Engineers also knew about this 12th planet (often called Planet X and more recently a brown dwarf star) while humanity was still evolving and Sitchin was actually right, however wrong he was in decoding a Sumerian cylinder seal. Say what you will, but there is more verifiable evidence than there is verifiable criticism against Sitchin's work. Keep an open mind, but you decide for yourself. 

That is all. Disperse. 

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