Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Fear Agenda

What if the Islamic State was created to sow fear as part of a bigger plan to exterminate a big chunk of the world population, like say 6 billion people? A much smaller population would use fewer resources and could be easily fed and would be much simpler to control. What if Mohammed was led down the garden path to give people something to believe in and thus be easily manipulated and that as a result Mohammed's writings and actions became more and more violent? What is the use of creating a religion to control population if you don't end up with death and destruction? 

A population forcibly converted to a way of life that destroys books and knowledge and allows only the writings of Mohammed and his adherents would seriously limit revolution and anything that would get in the way of world domination. Such a world would also keep ideas like truth and freedom and individual rights out of the mainstream and keep people docile and less inclined to revolt against the world order using jihad as a means of exterminating any group that has its own ideas. 

Did you ever wonder why there was such a surge in creativity and art and science and ideas after the repression and constant struggle with the Ottoman Empire and why the Renaissance exploded into the world with an almost deafening sound? Exploration increased. Routes were discovered to the East and the spice markets of India and China that didn't go through avenues where marauding Muslims exacted their toll in death and destruction. 

Think of how the world would look now if there had been no Islam and no jihads and no Ottoman Empire. Maybe it is time we saw history the way we were taught and consider that more was lost during the Dark Ages that books and science and art and creativity and that was the purpose. 

Time to wake up, Coppertops. We've been had. 

Three pillars of the New World Order: Vatican City, London City, and Washington, D.C. Did you know that all of these cities are not part of the states or the country where they exist and are separate entities? The Vatican is the head and heart, London is the bank, and D.C. is the military arm. I think it's time we stopped criticizing conspiracy theorists and paid attention. We don't have to agree with them, but we should listen and stop to think about whether or not they could be onto something. 

Qaddafi, Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, Hussein, Islam, and various terrorists throughout history have been created by someone else -- or some government or entity with a hidden agenda that did not have humanity's best interests. Jesuits were present when the New World was being discovered and explored and their main mission was to destroy all writings and religions they found. Much has been lost due to their diligence and thoroughness. That anything escaped the fires is amazing and a miracle. The Romans and the Roman Catholic church that grew up in the ashes of the Roman Empire to spread its influence wherever Rome did not reach, especially with the discovery of the New World, has been a force to be reckoned with. What was not burned is hidden away in the catacombs and in the bowels of the papal palace in the Vatican and is kept safe in the autonomous country of Vatican City. 

Saddam Hussein spent billions of dollars uncovering and restoring ancient ziggurats and architecture because he believed he was fulfilling prophecy and his work must be completed before the End of the World. The Last Days have been preached since the 4th century AD. Several points in history were emphasized and the prophecies of the End Times has been rebooted with each major milestone, like the end of the first millennium (1000 AD) and again as we neared the 21st century. Jesus did not come down in clouds of glory and faithful Christians continue to wait. 

Since its inception in the 6th century, Islam -- and Mohammed -- have predicted the apocalypse, the End Times, and believe that they must cleanse the world to make ready for the coming of glory and the end of the world. They are motivated by the same seeds of fear they sow with blood and beheadings. Listen to Dr. Bill Warner's lectures on the real causes of the Dark Ages and how Islam fought the world to a standstill -- until some intrepid adventurers decided to find another route to India and China and the Antipodes (end of the world) by sailing west where the Ottomans did not control the seaways or the land routes and there would be no pirates and bandits. 

Fear has been the motivating force for these terrorists, fear that the will end before prophecy can be fulfilled. 

The emperor Constantine and the Council of Nicaea decided what would go in the book that defined and illustrated the religion of Jesus Christ, born of Mary in the line of David, the first great king of the Jews. All writings that did not agree with the path chosen to save the world -- and control the world's population -- were left out and everything else was chosen because it upheld the party line. Even then the doctrine of the Apocalypse was preached and written about and the End of the World and the Return of the Christ was believed to be imminent. Christianity must make the world ready for the coming glory and cleanse the world of sin, which is where the Jesuits come in and where the role of the Roman Catholic Church expanded. Fear of an eternity spent in the fires and torments of Hell motivated the believers to murder and torture and repress the people -- and to decimate the population. 

In Roman times, decimation was lining up the troops and killing 1 out of every 10 men to punish the troops. The Latin word for 10 is decem and is the basis of the decimal system and decimate. 

It wasn't enough to keep the population in check and so plagues were released. All throughout the Middle Ages there are stories of hooded and robed men walking through towns and hamlets and cities carrying a lantern on a pole that gushed smoke. Edgar Allen Poe even wrote a story, The Masque of Red Death, that illustrated those anecdotes and created the first horror fiction. 

There is a scene in the movie version of Masque of the Red Death starring Vincent Price where hooded men wearing robes of different colors meet on a hilltop after spreading various plagues. Millions died in the plagues of Bubonic Fever (the Black Plague) among others. 

When Mohammed had his vision and created Islam and the worship of the moon god Allah, his vision of the future was peaceful. As time went on, Mohammed's visions became more violent until the result was a tide of massacre and enslavement across the Middle East and Africa and Europe, sparking the Christian crusades. The forces of Islam and Rome were like millstones grinding the people between them and decimating the world population further, but the extermination of the people didn't go far enough, which is when the plagues began ravaging the world. Nothing like a well timed virus or bug to weaken people sufficiently to keep them from fighting so hard against extinction. 

It may well be that the Vikings were another player on the field, led by greed and the riches of the rest of the world and the promise that their death in battle would be their ticket to the halls of Valhalla where they would feast and drink for all eternity in the company of Odin and Thor and the Norse gods. 

I've always wondered why the story of Odin is so similar to that of Jesus Christ. Odin was crucified and died and came back to life just as Jesus did. The only difference is that Odin lost his eye in payment for the knowledge he gained. 

The 9 realms of the Yggdrasil (world tree) are also similar to the 9 worlds of the Maya and yet there was no communication between or knowledge of the other's culture and beliefs. I'd call that a huge coincidence that two such different cultures could have such similar beliefs. Belief is the name of the game and it's partner is knowledge. What one group believes can be changed by interaction with another group with similar -- or even different -- beliefs. It can change everything. 

In their raids on the rich lands and kingdoms of the south, the Vikings were exposed to Christianity and their natural curiosity led to more than the riches the people bestowed on the Roman Catholic Church. The raids led to knowledge and changes for the Vikings and their world. 

It seems no different in our modern world that fear drives people to war and war destroys the lives and future of millions of young men and women and children, further decimating the world population. New forces have been called up to exterminate humanity: religious wars, wars of aggression, wars of liberty to throw off the yolk of oppression, and new boogeymen can be called up and created at need. The call is not in the name of God, but in the name of liberty and freedom and democracy. 

When all else fails, new viruses concocted in order to turn them into weapons of mass destruction (Ebola, AIDS, bubonic fever, Sarin gas, souped up smallpox and anthrax for starters, and even the 10 plagues of Egypt for starters) to decimate the world population further, especially since the Zero Population Growth program didn't work in 3rd world countries where people with less education and fewer resources have nothing else to do with their time than make babies. Contraception was unknown and not a favorite among the people. It's more fun to make babies than waste a man's seed in a rubber tube or take a pill to keep a woman from getting pregnant. The Roman Catholic Church had already programmed the people to make babies for God and not waste a man's seed like Onan did when he spilled his seed on the ground after he married his brother's widow. Committing sin is not a good idea -- and will not increase the numbers of believers (see The Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson). 

Islam teaches that a man should have many wives and concubines and produce as many children as possible to honor Allah by increasing the numbers of his followers. I think that is the problem with using religion as a tool of fear. Religion teaches obedience and honoring the word of God. Nothing spreads religion faster than priests and evangelists than by giving birth to them. More babies means more fighters and more Christians and unbelievers (kafirs) can be killed. It's ultimately a numbers game. Christians, especially of the Roman Catholic variety, and Muslims are the same in that regard. 
Of course more children does not meet the goals of world domination when the goal is to to decimate the population. More babies means more people to exterminate. Time to beef up and prepare to fire the biologic weapons again. If bacteria and viruses have babies more will die. 

One good thing about plagues is that plagues don't recognize their victims by religion or culture or nation. They cut down everyone indiscriminately. 

Well, not everyone. Nature built in a fail-safe. Plagues kill everyone but a small percentage, usually about 1%, of the population and the immune system musters its own forces to battle the invaders -- antibodies that are resistant to further attacks. That is how smallpox was eradicated, by injecting or exposing people to weakened strains of smallpox or by rolling the dice and introducing live bacteria from someone already infected (usually pus from a sore or blood from the dead and dying) into the healthy. Some will die, but the ones that live will produce their own biological soldiers (antibodies) that can be used to treat new cases and protect those who have not been exposed before. Eventually, the process was made simpler by creating a vaccine that could be easily introduced into children to protect them from contracting the disease (or plague) by scratching the skin or by injecting the serum into the body. 

Many bacterial diseases have been stopped dead in their tracks by vaccinations, but saving people has never been the goal. Saving the right people is a good idea, but since the rest of the world must be decimated, the diseases and plagues for which there are antidotes vaccines will have to be boosted and made more virulent so that more people will die. 

I'm sure the deaths of the natives of the New World were a potent illustration of what happens when an unprotected population exposed to a disease to which invaders were already immune was an object lesson the Powers That Be would never forget. The poor savages would not have died in vain since they gave new life to the 10 plagues of Egypt and demonstrated how best to get rid of 86% of the world population. 

As new terrorist attacks blossom with their deadly toll and war rages on, it would be in humanity's best interest to pay attention and heed history. There is nothing new on earth, just a modified application of old techniques boosted for future release. It may not be God visiting plagues and war and senseless death on believers and unbelievers alike, but a force closer to earth and closer to humanity seeking to gain control of mankind. Think conspiracy theory on a global basis and ignore the criticisms and name calling that dog the footsteps of the visionaries. There is more to the story and you have only begun your journey down the rabbit hole -- for now.

That is all. Disperse.  

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