Wednesday, June 01, 2016

What's Hot; What's Not ...

Hems are  up. Hems are down. Puce is the new black. Backless. Strapless. The fashion changes from season to season and from designer to designer. Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada spoke softly and confidently with a sneer on her face as she lectured her hopelessly unfashionable new assistant about the color of the shapeless sweater she wore as an illustration of the importance of fashion. 

The same is true of the media outlets in every country and around the world. Fashions change. So do the headlines and lead-in stories. Both change for the same reason -- to promote the corporate agenda. 

When I moved to Colorado in 2003 the big news was the pine beetle infestation that was destroying the forests. Pine beetles were burrowing into pine trees of every kind to feed and hatch their eggs. It was killing the pine trees from the top down. The crowns of the trees were dying first as the infestation spread. Rusty brown spread downward in a death spiral that left the trees unfit for anything but crumbling, mealy innards that could barely support a hearth fire. The best thing that could happen was a forest fire that would destroy the dying trees and the pine beetles. The biggest wildfire in ages had already spread across thousands of acres of pine forest the previous summer set off by a park ranger burning her cheating husband's letters and landing her in prison in Texas. The nearly decade long drought made putting out the fire difficult and increased the ferocity of the fire due to the dry conditions. Still the pine beetle infestation continued. Pine trees affected bled their red-brown life down to the roots of the forest and the trees leaned and crashed to the pine needle covered ground. 

Living surrounded by pine trees and reluctant to watch my isolation disappear, I checked the trees on the land and looked for the signs of pine beetle infestation. I watched the rigid spines of lodge pole pines afraid to see the rusty death descending from crown to root. Every red-brown sign became the end until I noticed the tell tale signs were scattered throughout the length of the tree as pine needles grew and died in the normal course of life. The only trees with rusty crowns were the trees that wore death from crown to lower limbs as the natural span of life ran its course. 

More than a decade has passed and I don't read or hear about pine beetle infestations. The forest where I now live is full of trees in various stages of life: saplings rising to mature trees and old trees past the prime bare of needles and standing, leaning, and falling as the seasons change. The natural cycle of life continues. 

I recently discovered geo-engineering, which is man-made weather control. The aerosols contain . . . "[a] mixture of parasites, pathogens, toxic heavy metals and nano-engineered particles have been found falling to earth from the trails of certain planes. Aluminum, barium, bacillus spores, radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow mycototoxins, ethylene dibromide and synthetic nano-fibers are among the ingredients found in collected samples." The result of weather engineering is that trees die from the crown down as they are poisoned by the heavy metals contained in the spray -- just as the pine beetle infestations were said to destroy forests. Coincidence? 

I don't believe in coincidence. 

Though it seems like coincidence, Alzheimer's and other physical ailments, like cancer, Autism, and immune deficiency diseases (Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, and lupus) have increased over the years -- in line with the increase of weather engineering and chemtrails. I believe that is not a coincidence, but rather simple cause and effect. Poison the atmosphere, kill the plants, and poison the water and earth and the plants, animals, and people will be poisoned as well. It's not difficult at all to trace the connections. Everything traces back to the government which controls the process -- and controls the information that filters down to the people through the media outlets. 

Newspapers, magazines, and television report the news and they are owned by companies and corporations that control what news the people see, read, and hear. What the people get has been edited and changed and the corporate spin applied so that the news contains little of truth and even less verifiable, accurate news. I learned first hand how publishers edit the news.

I broke into reporting in an alternative media outlet: Columbus Alive! I pitched stories I was interested in investigating and the Editor in Chief bought or passed on the stories I pitched. They liked my work well enough to assign me to various front page stories. I was thrilled. I was being published and had become a stringer for a newspaper. I wrote about the Ku Klux Klan's U. S. Supreme Court battle over their right to put a cross on the Capitol lawn during the Christmas season and interviewed the Jewish lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) who eventually won the case, Benson Wolman. The paper even printed my photo of Mr. Wolman posing in front of the American flag poster in the conference room of the ACLU offices in Columbus, Ohio. It wasn't until I interviewed Karen Jiobu who grew up in an Arizona Japanese Internment Camp that I saw how my article was edited to fit Columbus Alive!'s corporate agenda. 

The newspaper published my picture of Karen Jiobu in her home in Bexley, an upscale community. They did not publish my article as written. 

My first paragraph compared the Japanese internment camps with the death camps in Germany, detailing the way the Japanese-American citizens were rounded up and transported to the camps in cattle cars on the trains. I described how those American citizens lost their homes and possessions and their freedoms when they were sent to the camps and how they lived during the war years as compared to the way German prisoners of war were treated in POW camps on U.S. soil. I included my father's descriptions of the U.S. POW camps and how the German soldiers could walk out of camp and go to nearby towns, returning after a night of beer and girls and music. My father knew because he lived near a POW camp in Michigan. He met and made friends with the German prisoners of war and how they were treated, not as prisoners of war, except for where they stayed at night and the work they did as prisoners, but as men captured in war and held prisoner while the war continued in Europe. The POWs had German accents, but some had American accents and were spies. They had more freedom than the Japanese in the internment camps. 

When the internee children were old enough to get jobs and leave the camps, they were sent to the other side of the country and had to live with American families. Japanese-American soldiers who were already in the Army when war broke out with Japan had two choices: serve state side or fight in the European theater. The U.S. government considered them a danger if allowed to fight against the Japanese; they might become double agents (if they weren't already) and spy for the enemy. 

Karen Jiobu's father refused to agree to or sign a loyalty agreement and remained in the camp after the war was over. Karen's husband was also a child of the internment camps, but he refused to be interviewed. 

When the article was published on the front page, the opening paragraph wasn't how the German death camps were similar to the U.S. Japanese Internment Camps but how the memory of summer camp brought up the very different memory of camp for Karen Jiobu. The publisher and owner of Columbus Alive! had decided that my opening paragraph was too provocative and might send the wrong message, especially as the U. S. government was about to issue an apology and offer payment to the survivor of the camps. I had no say in the matter because I signed a contract that allowed my articles to be edited by staff. I didn't even have the right to pull the article because it had already gone to print. Check and mate. 

In the years since that article was published, I have watched as the news became less about telling people the truth and informing them of what was happening in their worlds and their communities and more about entertainment. In fact, magazines, newspapers, and television are all about entertainment. Once in a while a bit of truth leaks out and the average person misses it unless they know what is really going on and they can read -- or see -- between the lines. 

One by one, the country that was founded on the ideals of freedom, liberty, and honor has been replaced by the world that George Orwell foresaw in his novel, 1984. The media have become the propaganda mill that churns out edited and rewritten versions of reality and the truth, the modern day equivalent of Rome's bread and circuses that kept the people docile and feelings of rage and betrayal focused in a more manageable direction, either against the countries and provinces Rome stole in war after war or gladiators and prisoners of war sentenced to die in the arena. The politicians and rulers stayed in power as long as they kept the people's fed and amused the same way that governments keep their people fed through the dole (Welfare and food stamps in the United States) and amused with Reality TV and celebrity gossip as they cheer and jeer the political races and the boogeyman of the day: Gadaffi, Saddam Hussein, Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, Osama bin Laden, Putin, and Russia. The boogeyman change as they rise to power and are defeated by the forces of the United States of America until a new boogeyman can rise from obscurity to rain death and terror and eventually be defeated in his/her turn. 

Keep the masses fed and amused and give them new gladiators and terrorists to hate and cheer as they fight to the death or are sacrificed on the altar of Justice. 

Each year, each day, the propaganda mill churns out new crusades with new villains to loathe and despise as reality is twisted and hidden beneath the weight of the masses whose minds have been controlled and their reason warped. They are teased with the latest revelation on the real cause of heart disease and obesity, offered another quick fix, and sold the latest medical marvel to keep them docile, drugged, and debilitated. 

Like fashionistas that followed the hem lines, color, and styles from season to season, the rest of the world follows the latest and greatest in propaganda. After all, even publicists and corrupt politicians need a job while the corporations keep raking in the money while keeping the masses fed and entertained. 

That is all. Disperse. 

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