Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Liar, Liar

You like facts and data, don't you? Here are a couple for you to ponder, chew on, and do whatever with.

Published April 2015: Did you know the national debt was frozen? How about why it was frozen? Frozen national debt Maybe because there was no money in the kitty to pay US creditors, like China and Japan, both of which own the most US debt.

If you didn't know about the national debt freeze, I'll bet you don't know where the debt is now and how fast it is counting down your children and grandchildren's future. The US debt clock counting down August 2016

I will bet you didn't know that since 2012 the US debt was paused (frozen) because the Fed was out of money. Well, to be fair, the US Govt was out of money and the whole debacle was blamed on the GOP gumming up the works by refusing to pass any bills in the US House of Representatives. Obama said he was forced to sequester government spending because of the GOP's intransigence and Obama refused to work with them. Did you know you'd been lied to and that Obama's promiscuous spending and use of US taxpayer dollars continued without cease? Probably not. You either backed Obama's play or were refused admission and entrance to National Parks and National Monuments, like the World War II monument paid for by US citizens. Remember when US veterans were denied access to the monument US citizens paid for? I'll bet you didn't know the barricades went up within moments of the announcement from the White House or that liberal protesters were allowed to camp on the same public property guarded by the National Parks & Recreation department 2 weeks before the veterans were denied access. Well, after all, aren't liberal protesters so much more important than veterans who fought, died, and paid their dues to keep the Nazis from taking control of the world and defeat the Japanese after their sneak attack at Pearl Harbor. Who says you cannot fight and win a war fought on 2 fronts?

It was all yet another scam on the US citizens to cover up what was really going on -- the fleecing of the nation and the US taxpayers en masse. That means every United States citizen was told a lie and many people, not only those in the Obama Chorus, blamed the Republicans for causing the problem and for the US using its AAA credit status. It was lost the moment Obama took office in 2009, but you didn't know that. It was one of those "need to know" things and ordinary citizens, like the ones who pay taxes, did not need to know.

How does Obama look now? It's all right. Obama was nothing but a straw man, a paper fiction, a puppet for the global elite to prop up in the Oval Office to bring the United States to its knees so the American people would be ready to accept a Pan American Union like the European Union without too much fuss. The Global Elite tried the same thing a few years ago, about a decade ago now, to get rid of organic farming and organic supplements and health foods, but the outrage and kickback over that showed the Global Elite that they couldn't pull the wool over the eyes of watchful Americans unwilling to take Monsanto and its GMO crops lying down.

Not only did Americans vote in its first black president, but they did it twice without realizing that they had been fooled not once but twice. What is that old saying? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Do you feel the shame yet?

If not, there's more shame to come as Obama contravenes the wishes of US citizens and bypass the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) by turning over control of the Internet to the UN and readies the ground to turn over control of the guns to the UN. Is the shame beginning to set in with the reality that Obama has fooled you again? Don't wait, it will come.

Voters elected a black president because they wanted to break the color barrier and they wanted to finally put the issue of a black president behind them. Obama spoke well (with a teleprompter, though he has gotten better over the past nearly 8 years of practice) and he looked nice. He did not rant and rave -- all the time -- and his policies, except for the promiscuous use of the Executive Pen, have not been too onerous. Just like that frog sitting in the slowly heating pot of cold water that doesn't jump out in time to save his life, those still drinking the Obama Kool-Aid are sucking down the punchy goodness while the water temperature creeps toward boiling, and will die before they can jump out of the boiling pot.

As November 2016 nears, many voters are poised to vote for Hillary Clinton because it would be nice to have a woman president for a change and they want to be part of the first woman president historical footnote. The voters will be the footnote if Hillary wins and voting for Donald Trump, for all of his bombastic display and foot in the mouth rhetoric, is a vote for the status quo. Trump needs money to build his skyscrapers, universities, and casinos and must get a lot of angel investors or kowtow to the banks. I like his promise not to take a salary if elected, but that is not enough for me because it sounds too much like Obama's vacations and golf trips paid for with taxpayer dollars, and like Trump won't be around the Oval Office much after he gets the big chair behind the big desk. Granted, Trump might return Winston Churchill's bust to the Oval Office, but once again, not enough for me to vote for the political clown act.

Voting for someone because of their color or because of their gender is still racist and prejudiced because the choice is not based on logic or carefully weighing the options of candidates running. If we take racism and prejudice out of the equation, the only true choices are obvious. Start a revolution. Take the power out of the hands of the Global Elite and the puppets for the Global Elite and take a good hard look at the real choices from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party. Check out Dr. Jill Stein and Gov. Gary Johnson and thwart the plans for global domination by the Global Elite and their lackeys. Make a real choice this election.

If you want to make a PC choice, Dr. Stein's running mate is a black man, Ajamu Baraka. You can still vote for a black man near the Commander-in-Chief's seat and the heir apparent if the first woman is voted in as President. That's a two for one America can actually live with. Happy now?

That is all. Disperse.

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