Wednesday, October 12, 2016


More of Hillary Clinton's emails have been released by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange's promise has been fulfilled . . . at least part of it. Hillary isn't in jail yet.

The latest news that Hillary, along with Barack Hussain Obama, created the Islamic State is fact. The facts are proven in the latest email dump in which Hillary is communicating with the White House and Obama's people about her progress with the Islamic State, which is being funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

As the news goes public on the corporate-controlled mainstream media and questions are asked, Hillary will fall back on her usual defense and blame Russia for the leak, and China if she wants to make a clean sweep of her enemies. Don't believe it. Russia and China and many nations outside the European Union are fight ISIS and Assad's enemies because they are the good guys. They have been for quite some time, and I'm not sure any more whether or not Russia was ever the bad guy.

The Syrian people want Assad to continue as their country's leader because they elected him. It wasn't the usual straw man election that the United States has had all these years, but the real thing, democracy in action. The Islamic State (ISIS) was created to help the US topple foreign governments and extend their reach. The United States has funded terrorism and terrorists in order to keep the chaos pot boiling and keep people easier to manipulate by making sure they stayed afraid. The attacks in Paris, Germany, Lebanon, and around the world were political theater and the visible proof that terrorists exist and they are coming for you and me and everyone else who does not succumb to the propaganda of fear.

Hillary uses the term ISIL for ISIS, which goes to prove that she has never been on Israel's side or fighting for Israel. That should have been apparent since she has lambasted Prime Minister Netanyahu on several occasions over the building of settlements in disputed (and not so disputed) regions in the West Bank. ISIL is the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The Levant is where Israel currently exists.

It is hard to countenance when Hillary has stood smiling and shaking hands with Benjamin Netanyahu as she did with Shimon Peres when he was prime minister, but Hillary is a mistress of lies. Haven't you figured that out yet? There are decades of proof going all the way back to the Nixon administration when she worked on the Watergate investigations. No, Hillary was not fired, but she was publicly admonished because she lied and was willing to pervert the rule of law to get rid of Nixon, who stepped down as President of the United States rather than face impeachment.

Obama's next press conference when the leaked emails finally hit the mainstream media will be easy to script. I can do it from memory. Obama will tell the American people that he found out about Hillary's involvement and the leaked emails when the people did . . . on CNN or in the newspaper (whichever one breaks the news first). He will be stunned and shocked and he will get to the bottom of the leak just as he got to the bottom of the IRS scandal and Lois Lerner's involvement (a scandal that is still going on) and the many scandals that have dogged his term in office.

Hillary will fume and sputter and blame the Russians and the Chinese for the leaks, but she's looking too far afield, and she wants to be the one to set off the first shot of World War III like a good acolyte of the New World Order.

Oh, the leaked emails are damning and fatal for Hillary and Obama in a sane world where treason is punishable by trial and death, but we are not at war with anyone. There's the war on poverty and the war on drugs and the war on whatever Obama is willing to call terrorism, but those are little more than theater. Those wars are little more than distractions, bread and circuses to stir up the masses until they forget and go on to the next Kardashian drama or a new episode of Real TV. The people must have their bread and circuses maintained or they will wake up from the mainstream media coma and realize they have been had. Again.

Congress showed its first vestige of spine and guts when it overturned Obama's veto on the bill that allowed the families of victims of 9/11 in 2001 to sue the countries that funded the September attack 15 years ago. Obama and Hillary both know that even though Saudi Arabia and Qatar funded and aimed the terrorists, President George W. Bush allowed the attacks to happen. Yes, the American people were sold out by their President. No wonder foreign nationals threw shoes at Bush when he spoke to them. They knew the truth because they were in on the fix, or had just found out that they were being hung out to dry for the crime. Bush got a lot of mileage from the attacks on 9/11 and the fall of the Twin Towers and the deaths of all those American citizens. And we fell for it.

I fell for it.

I remember the anger and grief that fueled the rage when the shock wore off. I wanted Osama bin Laden and all Islamic terrorists dead. I was wrong. Bin Laden was the dupe, the man the US funded and set up to take the fall in the same way that Saddam Hussein was built up, funded, and hunted when the US cavalry rode in to save the day for the Iraqi people, destroying their infrastructure and beggaring a once proud nation. Hussein believed he would bring back the Golden Age and was busily rebuilding the ziggurats and temples of the ancestors. He was wrong. He was a foil, a tool, a target and Bush was already loading the bullets and missiles that would destroy his dreams before Hussein went underground.

It should be no surprise that the United Kingdom went along with the ruse. They wanted their piece of the pie and London has always been partners with the US. The UK and the US are 2 legs of the tripod that hold up the New World Order. Rome, the Vatican, is the first leg of the tripod. Rome is the seat of religion. London is the bank because money is the fuel that keeps the New World Order going. The US, specifically the Pentagon, is the 3rd leg of the tripod; the US is the military force, the muscle for the New World Order's end game. That is the truth that Obama and Hillary know. Obama and Hillary are puppets of the New World Order and you hear the NWO's rhetoric every time Obama chides the world in the name of climate change and blames climate change for the wars that he and Hillary have orchestrated during their terms in office, just as Bush, Sr. and Jr. did in their day and Bill Clinton did during his term in office. This game goes all the way back to Carter, who was an imperfect tool, but has stepped up his game as his time on this planet and in world politics is whittled down by cancer. Carter is no more a hero or a peacemaker than Bill Clinton is a chaste monk who has given up sex and power.

Hillary's time is up and it will be a race to see whether or not Donald Trump can implode fast enough to ensure her election before she is scooped up by the FBI and put on trial for treason and crimes against humanity alongside the Great Pretender, Barack Obama.

It's past time to wake up, people, not just here in the United States, but everywhere. You may not thank me for the wake up calls because it will change the world as you see it. The world is a much darker and more dangerous place than it was when you were asleep. You will see the tendrils of rot and ruin everywhere you look and the villains are not the same villains you saw when you were in the coma and following faithfully the mainstream media as it fed you more lies to go with the drugs you were given and continue to be given with the daily dose of poison in your food and water.

There is light at the end of this long, dark tunnel, but you have to be fully awake to realize it, to see and accept it. But first you must wake up.

My thanks to Roman Tunkel for the link above on Hillary's emails and to you for taking the time to read.

That is all. Disperse.

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