Friday, October 07, 2016

"I Will Fight No More Forever"

Many voted for Obama because they believed he would bring Hope and Change. None of them knew that Obama was already set to continue the policies Bush has been demonized for (and rightly so) by continuing the policy of removing the elected leaders of certain countries around the world and specifically in the Middle East. One of those countries was Syria.

I have no doubt that Obama will hold a press conference and say that the first time he learned of the news that the US had illegally set out sanctions against Syria was when we all heard or saw it in the mainstream media, but Obama is a liar. He was lying to us all in 2008 and continues to lie to us every single day. I posted this before, but it bears repeating. Wake up, America, and see the world as it truly is and not as you have been told it is. Every day of Obama's administration this country and its soldiers have been at war.

The Syrians fleeing Syria are not due to climate change, but due to US sanctions Obama ordered against the people of Syria and their sovereign government. Many of the Syrian refugees are Islamic State soldiers carrying their war and their jihad into Europe to destabilize as many European governments as possible to pave the way for the One World Government. Forget the tin foil hats, people, and wake up. As polished and calm as Obama looks and sounds, he has been the arm of War and the changes he has instituted during his tenure are meant to destabilize the US government and pave the way for the Pan-American Union to bring the world one step closer to the One World Government, the New World Order. He has fooled many of us for 8 years. How long will you allow his crimes to continue?

Congress realized the error of its ways and overturned Obama's veto on the bill passed by the Congress to allow Americans affected by the attacks on 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia. It may be too little too late, but it is the first time both sides of aisle came together and stood against Obama. Now is the time for all Americans to stiffen their spines, stand up, and loudly proclaim that We Will Fight No More Forever. Not for Obama. Not for Hillary. Not for the New World Order. Not for the Changes that Obama Hoped we would swallow whole without thinking. We are awake and we are NOT going to take the lies any more.

The truth on the ground in Syria . . . it has nothing to do with climate change. Check out the videotaped press conference at the United Nations. These people have been to Syria, talked to the people, walked in the cities, towns, and neighborhoods and have seen the truth. Their news will shock you.

If you can afford it, go to Syria, talk to the people, and get the story for yourself from the people who live it every day. See what is happening. Reject the mainstream media fairy tale and ask the hard questions. Keep asking the hard questions until you find the answer. The first person who calls you a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist is attacking you to maintain the fiction of Obama's climate change and peaceful demeanor. These name-calling hacks are paid to make you doubt the truth and yourself. Resist the peer pressure. Think for yourself. Do not allow anyone to shut you up by such school yard bullying tactics.

Read alternative media sources. Stand up against so-called Syria refugees thrust upon this country because you can bet few of the refugees are actually Syrian and fewer will be women and children. They will be the next wave of mercenaries sent to make you afraid and destabilize America and scare US citizens into bending to Obama's will. Don't take it.

Resist. Push back. Take your fate and this country's destiny in your own hands. You have the power, the power of the vote.

Do not vote for Hillary and the continuing agenda that have marked US politics from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama. Wake up. Smell the coffee that has been burning for decades. We have the tools. We are The People and we have the right.

Vote against Hillary and same agenda of violence and fear.  Vote for a future where the US does not start wars and set up despots today who will be demonized and ousted years later. Do not play the New World Order's game.

Demand hard scientific evidence from nay sayers and paid hacks selling climate change. Pull back the curtain and see the man behind it manipulating the fireworks and illusions of monsters. They are the tools of fear meant to mold you into shaking, shivering, clanking, and clattering slaves willing to believe the lies the government uses to keep you as malleable as a wax doll hanging over a fire.

Stand up and declare loudly, "I will fight no more of your trumped up wars. Never again!" The future is in your hands. The road to war leads only to death and destruction. Choose another road, the one less traveled. Choose the road that leads to truth and justice and what we once proudly believed was the American Way.

That is all. Disperse.

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