Friday, November 18, 2016

The Rise of Nationalism

What we have here is a failure to communicate. We are speaking the same language, but the need to keep from falling into the PC pit to get an important point across has resulted in mental and verbal contortions that would try the abilities of the best acrobat -- and politician.

The point is the growing populist movement, a movement that is equated with nationalism, xenophobia, religious intolerance, and fascism. That is where language fails us as it will always fail us after being filtered through the fine mesh of Political Correctness. Every word is suspect. Every motive a leap backward to the bad old days of Hitler, Stalin, Il Duce, and Franco of Spain. The Left points fingers at the Conservative Right who are busily distancing themselves from the painful onus of the Ku Klux Klan and the segregationist and racist policies of the Good Old South. Just a hint of the return to the bloody burning old days and the politically correct neo-progressive left wing riot, burn, loot, and crawl into their safe spaces to hug a puppy and while away the unthinkable hours with Play-Doh and coloring books while Barney videos sing a happy inclusive song in the background.

The National Front and Marine Le Pen of France, Nigel Farage of Britain, and Donald Trump have one thing in common and it isn't xenophobia, religious intolerance, or fascism. What they have in common is their nationalism, their strong feelings for the middle and lower classes and the protection of their national identity. And that is where the conversation ends. The neo-progressive Left, the socialist and communist factions, and the conservative religious Right begin howling for Nationalist Blood, having worked so hard to come this far only to be destroyed, undermined, and sold for a return to a forgotten bloody age.

That is what happens when the ruling classes from all ideologies refuse to listen and do not -- cannot -- understand when large numbers of their constituencies follow these nationalists like rats following the Pied Piper.

There are economic issues to consider, but at the heart of the economic meltdown and defection is the immigrant problem. Pointing to the hordes of Muslim immigrants only brings out the blinders and ear plugs while the entrenched political parties try to drown out the sound of xenophobia and religious intolerance by singing lalalalalalalalalalala at the top of their voices, making it impossible to listen, let alone hear, what these nationalists are saying.

The world equates nationalism with fascism and could not be farther from the truth. Nationalism, and populism, has nothing to do with the expansionist goals of fascism still doing their best to extend their borders and influence. Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farage, and Donald J. Trump don't want more land or more power. They want to keep their borders strong and their sense of identity as French, British, and American intact. The immigration of Muslims is the problem, not because of their religion as such, but because of their refusal to integrate into the host countries.

It was easy to assimilate the Amish and the Mennonites. They were religious separatists who wanted nothing to do with the outside world, the English as the Amish term all those who are not part of the Amish beliefs and practices. The Amish and Mennonites deal with outsiders, but they do so in a peaceful manner. Neither the Amish nor the Mennonites want the rest of the country, or the world, to convert to their beliefs. The Amish and Mennonites want to practice their religious beliefs in peace away from the world.

Secular Jews assimilated into their host countries, going to temple and mingling with host countries where they immigrated, having been driven out or voluntarily leaving one step ahead of the latest Progrom or train ride to a concentration camp to either work until they died or were gassed, robbed, and burned. The workers were piled into mass graves after everything of value was stripped from them, dead and alive. Secular Jews kept a low profile to avoid further depredations.

Orthodox Jews were also hounded out of their homes by Pogroms and gassed with their secular brethren and sisters, worked to death, and fled to wherever they could find space. Orthodox Jews also maintain their religious identities separate from their host countries, refusing to assimilate, gathering together in separate communities. Though Orthodox Jews are also separatists, they have no desire to interfere with the laws and customs of host countries keeping themselves to themselves and doing so peacefully.

Muslims fall into two categories: the ones that assimilate and the separatists gathering in closed communities and refusing to assimilate. Islamic refusal to assimilate is rooted in jihad and the goal, like the New World Order, of a global Caliphate where Shari'a law is the only rule and all apostates and unbelievers either convert or die. And therein lies the problem -- the refusal to assimilate and their demand that they be given all the protections and social perks of the host country. Call it what you will -- religious extremism, jihad, separatism, ghettoism -- these immigrant hordes look more like locusts than migrants looking for a new home, a new country where they will belong. Their only agenda is the same as it has been since the 7th century: expand the global Caliphate and convert or behead all infidels and apostates.

In Spain, secular Muslims, migrated up from the Middle East and Africa and Turkey. There were the inevitable fiery and bloody clashes between Muslims and Christians determined to maintain their way of life and their religious national identity, but secular Muslims did become part of Spain and the Spanish identity, sharing their knowledge and architecture, enriching the indigenous culture. Secular Muslims came together with the Spanish people under the banner of Don Diego de Bivar, El Cid, when marauding Islamic jihadists swarmed into Spain from Africa intent on beheading the peaceful Muslims and the Christians. Neither were acceptable as they cut a bloody swath through Africa and into Spain. The jihadist's one rule was convert or die. The Spanish Muslims and the Spaniard forces under the leadership of El Cid beat back the jihadists together.

It is no different today. Islamic jihadists like a marauding horde of locusts swarm throughout Europe demanding to remain separate in their communities and over burdening social programs with further demands that they be given their share of the social pie while maintaining Shari'a law and terrorizing the people of their host countries. Like week-old fish and guests that stay too long, the Muslim immigrants who refuse to assimilate and become French or Dutch or German, etc., they have outstayed their welcome. The presence is a constant reminder of the danger they pose, not only to the collapse of social programs, but to the lives, well being, and safety of the people of their host countries. Islamic separatists do not want to become a part of the host country, they want what they have always wanted . . . to convert or destroy everything and everyone around them just like locusts. Their expansionist agenda is the danger, not the desire of the people put at risk by their ravenous appetite for more, more, and even more.

Unemployment rates continue to rise. Economies are melting down. The people feel less safe and secure. Social programs are stretched far beyond their capacity. Health care is deteriorating. The global Caliphate must be made a reality and no one, no government, no laws, no national identity, nothing must stand in the way of the sweeping Islamic jihad. But how can we tell the Islamic jihadists, the religious extremists from the peaceful secular Muslims?

We cannot.

Even though the current neo-progressive left agenda is the New World Order, a global government under one leader with one religion and one monetary system of exchange, the Left's agenda is not compatible with the global Caliphate. The agendas are the same, but the end result is diametrically opposed and their methods are vastly different. The NWO has worked in secret, infiltrating countries slowly as the doctrine of One World-One Government-No Borders worms its way into the minds and hearts of the people through their leaders. Socialism was the first step. The European Union was the next step. The NWO's plans for the abolishment of borders and national identities have hit a snag as nationalist/populist leaders push back with the force of an awakened dragon aware of what their sleep has cost them and continues to cost.

Something has to go. The destruction of what it means to be French or American or Italian, Greek, and British will not be taken lying down. The people are pushing back. The people will not go quietly into that oblivion. Le Pen, Farage, Wilders, and Trump rose from the background to stand up and give the people a voice and the people are flocking to them in ever rising numbers, and even against their own distaste for the perceived negative views of nationalism, which is still too close to fascism for them. The people are not xenophobic or intolerant, but the are tired of watching their future go up in smoke or die in a hail of Islamic jihadist bullets while they gasp out their last breath. The people could see the need for affordable and universal health care, the safety net of social programs that grew out of the end of World War II, and the possibility of a better life, a better future for their children, but not at the expense of marauding hordes of Muslims that drive the minimum wage down, take away jobs, demand their share of the social safety net, and destroy the freedom and safety of their towns, cities, and country in their ghettos.

America isn't the only country facing illegal immigration nor is it the only country suffering the wholesale abandonment of wealthy corporations and jobs drip, drip, dripping away. Granted, Muslim immigration, and illegal immigration, have crippled America and many European countries, but they are only a part of the problem. Their determination to take over and eradicate all opposition is a big part of the problem, but the real problem is much more complex and far reaching.

Securing national borders and rebuilding infrastructure and bringing back jobs, stemming the rising tide of unemployment, must begin somewhere, so why not begin with the obvious obvious problem first and end Muslim integration and the violence they bring with them?

If Islamic jihadists refuse to assimilate their host country and be part of the solution, then Islamic jihadists must be stopped and must go. National identities must be preserved and protected first, politically correct neo-progressives be damned. Let them howl at the perceptions of xenophobia, religious intolerance, and fascism. It was the neo-progressives that helped create the problem and they can muck in with the rest of their disenfranchised brothers and sisters and help fix the problem. If they won't help, then they can get out of the way. Nationalists want to protect their national identity. They do not want to expand their borders and take over anywhere but at home. That is what Le Pen, Wilders, Farage, Trump and every other populist leader have been saying and why the people are willing to ignore what they think they know nationalism is and embrace the people willing to listen to their concerns and do something about it.

We have more to worry about with Islamic Nationalism because it is fascism, invasion and expansion of Shari'a Law and the Islamic religion at the cost of everyone, everything, and every country in its wake. That is the fascism the neo-progressives should be paying attention to instead of pandering to.

That is all. Disperse.

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