Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hard to Kill a Sacred Cow

Disentangling the Hyksos from the Hebrews and trying to figure out the pharaonic time line, which is way off. The Hyksos, Shepherd Kings, may be the Mongols in which case they are definitely not the Hebrews who had resided in Canaan for many years before the Hyksos invasion that split Egypt into two pharaonic lines of rule. There were the traditional rulers of Kemet (Egypt) forced to the south and the Hyksos rulers at the Nile delta in the north (according to the compass).

The difficulties lie with the Apis bull mummies, a tradition the Hyksos continued as they adopted Egyptian ways. Since archaeologists and historians see the Apis bull mummies as a single time line instead of parallel time lines they have muddied the actual time line and the line of ruling pharaohs. Kamose was pharaoh and expelled the Hyksos from Egypt, much of which has been chronicled in the Taita books by Wilbur Smith.

As a result of the erroneous ordering of the Egyptian royal families and the insertion of Ramesses as the pharaoh of the Exodus, much of history has been perverted, pinning the Exodus of the Hebrews much later than it actually happened as shown by archaeological digs at Avaris. The evidence of Joseph and the Hebrews in Egypt and their 400 years of slavery are readily seen at the earlier level which dates to the Middle Kingdom but have been deemed an anomaly because that level is long before the rise of Ramesses of the Late Kingdom era.

All the evidence is clear, just as the evidence from Canaan where Jericho once stood but again, it dates to the Middle Kingdom. All the evidence mirrors what is written in the Torah and so all of the Hebrew history is deemed an exercise in mythology and faith not to be confused with actual history because the proof is too early in the supposed time line and before Ramesses.

Aah, Sacred Cows.

In writing authors call them their darlings and resist killing them off to make the narrative better. In history and archaeology these sacred cows pervert the time line and the accepted history and thus what is right in front of the eyes is relegated to anomalies, mistakes, or in many cases tossed aside because the evidence does not fit the accepted version of history. How often such sacred cows get in the way and force historians and archaeologists and scientists to risk destruction of their career or giving in to the accepted version because they refuse to kill the sacred cows and rewrite history again because it makes everything they have written invalid.

How would scientists react when physics' sacred cows are impeding knowledge and the scientific method, such as Einstein's seminal E=mc2 equation when it is shown as invalid? Do scientists reorder the universe or do they ridicule, criticize, and dismiss the new findings that prove Einstein's equations were wrong to protect their sacred cows? Should scientists have sacred cows? Doesn't the scientific method prevent sacred cows by following the data?

When I was a child, I spoke as a child and saw as a child, but when I became an adult, I spoke as an adult and saw as an adult.

That is all. Disperse.

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