Friday, January 13, 2017

You Are What You Eat -- Toxic and Dead

I was looking for a link to a serious article about the dangers of farm-raised tilapia and read the information on the link -- as I usually do. I was horrified.

Why would anyone eat farm-raised anything? Feed lots and pen-bred and raised fish are dangerous to your health -- and the corporation know that going in? The problem is not just the unhealthy conditions in which the animals and fish are raised. The problem is that the corporate mindset is focused solely on profit. How can they raise food that looks edible but is completely inedible and damaging to the consumer's health?

The enormous levels of antibiotics used to keep the penned animals healthy is a serious problem in and of itself because the introduction of massive amounts of antibiotics have contributed to creating Super Bugs that are resistant to those same antibiotics in the same way that prescribing antibiotics for viruses and every minor illness contributes to creating Super Bugs.

Bottom line? With the amounts of animal feces, E. coli, and toxins in the pens as well as the practice of feeding livestock and fish with the remains of slaughtered animals and fish, it is no wonder there is a rise in autoimmune diseases like lupus, hepatitis C, autism, chronic pain syndrome, etc. and epidemic levels of obesity. The food is tainted and unhealthy and, although profitable for the corporations that have taken over farming and agriculture from the family farms, is not fit for consumption for any species. Maybe that is the point after all and the current lack of fitness and increase in childhood and lifelong obesity, diabetes, and cardiac disease from inflammation is understandable when what on the slaughter list is humanity, the corporate hit list that aims to annihilate 95% of us so there is more room and more resources for THEM. In the meantime, the Corporate Powers That Be are willing to use 95% of us as lab rats while making profit off us in the meantime.

It used to be that eating healthy was easy. Fresh vegetables and meat from animals raised by the farmer down the road with the occasional indulgence at holidays and parties were all you needed. We know more about the chemistry and biology of what is in the food we eat than we ever did before when we stuck to the food served at home and we are suffering from diseases we never heard of and suffer constantly on a diet of drugs to fix what ails us. The only problem is that we cannot trust the food in the market or at our favorite fast food joints because all the food is tainted or toxic. The only answer is to grow our own food, keep chickens in the back yard, and make friends with the local farmers to make arrangements to buy meat from them. There is a problem with that as well since government keeps changing the regulations and making it illegal to grow your own food and buy from local farmers. Where the government has gotten to your area yet, the local Homeowners Association has already got them covered in the name of yards that conform to the HOA's rules and regulations about how your lawn should look and what you can put in your yard, driveway, or in front of your home, forcing you to sell up, move out, or conform. Your life is no longer your own -- even when you think it is. 

Between geo-engineering the weather, chemtrails, and  poisoning the population by injecting food animals with antibiotics to deal with serious overcrowding, toxic chemicals, and feeding the animals the remains of previously slaughtered animals, not to mention prescription drugs in the water, along with the usual fluoride, and the destruction of our oceans and rivers, we can no longer trust what is in our food. No wonder governments have capitulated and introduced socialized medicine and the cost of health care and drugs in countries without socialized medicine have skyrocketed. What better way to control the people than with the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe? 

While we have been busily saving the planet by recycling, the governments of the world have been busier destroying the water, the air, and the food we eat and suggesting we blame each other for not reducing our carbon footprint and keeping hiking trails clear of debris. All along, it has been those same governments destroying the planet and us while using the human population as lab rats while they annihilate us. 

We are running out of options as the Powers That Be have for centuries experimented on us to find out the best ways to control us, cut us off from the source of life, tainted our food and water, and made the air poisonous to all life on this planet all the while destroying our environment, our animals, and our diversity. It's time for us to put an end to Their Agenda and take back control . . . and we won't be able to take back control at the voting booth or by the usual methods of getting involved in local, regional, and national government because the game has always been rigged. The only way to take back control is to revolt and refuse the yoke of servitude the same way that free people have always made their voices known at Thermopylae, Bunker Hill, and Standing Rock

If we do not take back our homes and our planet, we will end up the same way 20 million Jews, Gypsies, and undesirable Christians did in Hitler's concentration camps -- dead. We will be better fed, or rather fatter, but dead all the same. 

That is all. Disperse. 

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