Monday, June 26, 2017

The Path is Clear, Only the Lighting is Dim

A young engineer desired to make friends with me on Facebook. I was wary since I make all my comments and posts public. I restrict no one. When I informed Muhammed I was 62 years old, had 4 boys, and had gone through menopause, he replied that he didn't think of me as a sexual partner. Of course not when I laid out the facts. That is one of the first things I do when men approach me wanting to be friends. I want to remove romance and hanky-panky from the menu right off the bat.

He knew from my writing that I do not believe in God and frequently tell people to stop praying because not only does god not listen since the idea of a god and religions submitting believers to man-made gods is not necessary and it is because I call all gods man-made and not worthy of submission or prayer or worship of any kind that set his feet on the path to convert me to his religion -- Islam. I told him right up front that I will not be converted because I believe that all gods are false, from Jehovah and Yahweh (and the other different names the Israeli have for their god) to Allah. No matter how clear I was about my admittedly unorthodox stance, he first agreed with my belief that there is truly a Universal Creator but that Creator was Allah as pointed out by Mohammed's writings in the Koran. Allah, he informed me, was the name of the Universal Creator, the creator of all in the universe, and quickly bombarded me with sutras/verses from the Quran/Koran to prove his point and, in his view, agree with me that Allah is not a man-made god, but the true name of the Universal Creator and that Mohammed wrote that Allah does not seek power or submission over humanity and strictly speaks against religion and treating him as the religious center of Islam. The Quran illustrates that all holy books lie and the only books that should be allowed to remain are copies of the Quran because every edition is exactly the same without changes or edits and are to be the be-all and end-all of Allah's truth.

This Truth in his views is a map to show the way to Allah, the only path to Allah.

I did tell him that the Torah is also exactly the same for thousands of years because all copies of the Torah are prepared without change in the same way that the Quran is prepared, copied exactly without error and change.

There are many Truths found throughout the world in many holy books that have remained the same for thousands of years and predate the Quran and the Torah and each Truth is a clear map to the Path towards Ascension and Enlightenment.

It is possible that Mohammed in the 7th century was led to ponder the Universal Creator and came up with Allah, the name for the Moon God, as a name that was echoed in the Jewish Torah to become the Universal Creator, a name that all would recognize and use without issue. Of course, the animosity between the Muslims, or Mohammedans as they were called in earlier times because the believers follow Mohammed, and the Jews goes all the way back to Ishmael, the son Abraham got through his sexual intimacy with Haggai, his wife Sarai's handmaiden, because he was 600 years old and Jehovah's messengers told him Sarai would bear him a child. Sarai did eventually, even in her barren state, having gone through menopause (or at least what we modern women see as menopause since she too was about 600 years old) and was convinced, no matter what Jehovah's messengers told her, she could not bear a child. She believed that Abraham would be the father of nations and that his offspring would be numbered as the sands of the desert, but that she could not provide the son they had been promised, not after so many years of waiting. That is why she offered her handmaiden Haggai to Abraham to mate with since she was much younger and still fertile, and Abraham, wishing to make Sarai happy lay with Haggai and she became pregnant. Ishmael was born and it is to Ishmael the Muslims look as their connection to Abraham and the proof that they are Allah's chosen people, claiming that it was Ishmael that Abraham offered as a sacrifice when Jehovah demanded that Abraham sacrifice his first born son to honor God, or Jehovah. It is from this misplaced, or rather incorrectly told story of Abraham sacrificing his first born to Jehovah, the Muslims count themselves, as Ishmael's children and not Isaac, whom Abraham saw as his first born son with Sarai, and therefore the Jews, who count their lineage from Abraham and Sarai through Isaac and Jacob and his 12 sons, comprising the 12 tribes of Israel. That is why the Muslims desire the total eradication of all Jews, a racial extinction of all Jews, so the sons of Ishmael may take their place as Abraham's true born sons.

Since the 12 tribes of Israel, born of Jacob's 12 sons, have been lost since before Common Era (B.C.E), destroying Israel and those who now call themselves Jews because of the Eastern European people conversion to Judaism and all those living in Israel currently, who continually hold out the hand of peace and do good and charitable works throughout the world, even to Muslims as well as Gentiles and people of all faiths the world over, put a different perspective on the racial extinction aspect of Muslims versus Jews. Meanwhile, the Muslims continue to hold a grudge against the children of Abraham and Sarai, now Sarah, through their son Isaac while the children of Isaac fight against the calumny, libel, and slander originating with the Muslims by treating Muslims in the same manner the Israelis treat themselves and all the people on planet earth -- with compassion and charity.

Haggai and an Egyptian guard took Ishmael and fled from Abraham and his people once Isaac was born and continue the sibling rivalry to this day. Such petty discord and continual cries for extermination of the Jews, without considering the lost tribes of the 12 that have been lost since the Trojan War, and the continued pattern of murder, terror, and extinction for all of humanity that refuses to convert to Islam and submit to the will of Allah, though Mohammed very clearly stated in his early writings that Allah specifically forbids worship and obedience since Allah is the Universal Creator, the creator of all the universe without exception and needs no prayers said in His name because Allah is beyond such ego-driven thoughts. That is the muddle that currently draws our earthly attention and diverts all humanity from the Truth Path laid out so clearly in holy books from Buddhism and the carvings of ancient civilizations from the Mayans and Aztecs to the Olmecs, Toltecs, and mesoAmerican societies, and includes the Judeo-Christian and Islamic Bible, Torah, and Quran.

Muhammed asked me of there was not anywhere the map of the Path was clearly laid down while he bombarded me with more sutras of the Quran in hopes I would see that I was mistaken in seeing the Path clearly from writings covering the thousands of years since before Abraham and the 7th century when Mohammed began writing his view of the Path before changing his tune and turning from the peaceful Path as outlined by Allah that needed no prayer and no codification because Allah was beyond the ego-driven need to become a man-made god after relinquishing his Universal Creator status and being content having created all existence to take a step down from his singular status to rule over the sibling rivalry of earthlings submitting to prayers and ending with terror, murder, bullying, and violence while standing in line waiting for their reward of Paradise with 70 nubile virgins dancing attendance on the martyrs blowing themselves up while they blow up the rest of humanity and eradicate all the Jews who have done and continue to do so much good in the name of Jehovah and Peace.

No, I will not change my mind. I see the truth that Mohammed laid down in his view of the Supreme Universal Creator where no religion was forged and no prayer was required because Allah, the Moon God he chose from an ancient temple, needed no such followers. At least until, no one paid attention to Mohammed's peaceful words and direction to the Path of Enlightenment, and Mohammed turned to murder and mayhem, terror, murder, and beheadings to leave a more lasting mark to add to his, Mohammed's fame.

The Path of Peace and Enlightenment is laid down by many teachers in many books and many ways, but humanity continues to get lost and diverted down a widely traveled road where karma and death welcome them once again. Like the 2 Buddhist monks who reached the end of their journey, they missed the trail and spent far too much time focused on the wrong path, missing the opportunity to do good to others and spread peace and charity. Tomorrow is another day, another chance to avoid diversion and do better the next time.

That is all. Disperse.

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