Saturday, August 05, 2017

Age Decline or Discovering Health

I have been changing my body by changing my diet, preferring plant-based foods exclusively, especially considering how the corporate farming business keeps changing the food with antibiotics, steroids, and growth hormones, all of which have contributed significantly to the current obesity epidemic. That also does not include the way Monsanto and agribusiness have changed labeling so consumers do not know what they are getting. Canny consumers know that sugar can be listed as sucrose, dextrose, glucose, and variations of those to conceal that sugar has been used. Why not list sugar as sugar instead of hiding that you are using high fructose corn syrup to boost the sugar content? Now that people are becoming more aware of the dangers of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and avoiding products containing HFCS, agribusiness and corporate minds have decided to hide their light behind name changes and false advertising. After all, consumers want quick and easy and cannot always be bothered to keep up with the agribusiness trends.

What was once listed as free range has been changed to pasture raised when photos of "free range" chickens pent up in over crowded pens and eating their food from what looked to me like filthy, feces-stained pens that had no light and no access to fresh air. Free range consisted of what space was left between piled up cages that look much like chicken dungeons. The same is true of feed lot cattle, sheep, and pigs. The antibiotics were necessary in order to prevent diseases being passed among crowded and filthy confines just as antibiotics were also used with farm raised fish and shellfish, which were also confined and filthy. No wonder super bugs have emerged that are resistant to antibiotics and crop up in hospitals, clinics, and medical centers. In a way, those facilities are as crowded, although supposedly cleaner, than feed lots and confined quarters for chicken, geese, pigs, sheep, and cattle. Is there any surprise that mad cow disease arose in the agribusiness where profit is king and the consumer must be kept in the dark.

These tactics are about hoodwinking consumers -- you and me -- as the noose tightens while agribusiness and corporations keep changing tactics to maintain their profits at any cost.

Imagine my surprise after switching to Splendid Spoon, a vegan, gluten-free processing service that supposedly sources their plants from organic farmers and processed with reported care for the health and welfare of its subscribers. I began to notice that I had trouble typing and had lost a considerable level of speed. My arms felt heavier and less compliant when I worked and that was costing me money, which was almost as devastating as the lack of accuracy and problems thinking. My arms felt like lead and would not do what I expected them to do when I worked and people were commenting on my inaccuracies and errors that were unthinkable a couple of months before. How could this be happening? I know I had passed 60 and was older, but my skills had been bullet-proof for over 40 years. Was it early onset Alzheimer's or some form of physical and mental debility that came on rapidly and was not amenable to medical science -- or research.

It could be the result of not having really exercised in decades and my declining physical debility. It couldn't be due to my drastic change in diet. Yes, I was predominantly vegan, but it was good food well prepared and shouldn't have affected me adversely.

Or did it?

I added some meat back into the vegan diet and am now starting to feel much better . . . so far. I might be getting back some of my speed and I can almost discern better mental and physical dexterity returning -- or is it the result of wishful thinking? Both are possible and also likely.

I am currently between a rock and a hard place physically, mentally, and emotionally and one of my friends suggested I give up my isolated lifestyle and mingle with more people. I admit that there is a pull on me to move back to civilization and wade in the social waters with other folk and where I can mingle freely with other humans, but that is not something I have done much for nearly 2 decades. It isn't that I am antisocial or eschew companionship -- I have a full social life in Internet terms and keep in contact with friends and relatives, although I have once again deleted Facebook and prefer my own company to the bullying, back-biting, and verbal and mental demonization on Facebook.

The problem isn't fake news, although there is a lot of fake news out there, most of it promulgated and aired by mainstream media, but people's inability or reluctance to read and understand what is out there. People are lazy and averse to put themselves out there or working hard enough to notice what is going on and the mob mentality that has taken over the younger people and results in violence against parents, the establishment, government, and children, as well as peers, is increasing as our solar system collides with another galaxy while the sun is heating up and changing the planet in the system (Mars has increased air and atmosphere, Jupiter and Saturn's moons are developing atmosphere and warming sufficiently for their frozen water to shoot off in geysers, etc.). I doubt that my problems are tied to the coming Solar Event that will result in a Cosmic Sneeze that will dial Planet Earth up to the 4th and 5th densities, what the Bible calls the Rapture, but anything is possible.
Maybe it is time for me to get off my decreasing backside as I continue to lose weight on my restricted diet and dig in for my current eating habits to catch up with decades of not exercising or exerting myself beyond what I have limited myself with for so long. I am sleeping better because my diet is healthy and low carbohydrate with an absence of processed food and sugars and slowly, but surely as I keep a close eye on my body and my mind, my skills and mental functions are returning to a state that is not sliding rapidly into age and decline. I might make 150 years after all. Maybe it is all in my mind or my mind is taking control of my lazy habits and unexercised body. Anything is possible, but I prefer a more optimistic approach.

That is all. Disperse.

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