Monday, October 30, 2017

Review: The Paper Magician

Before she arrived at Magician Emery Thanes home, she had worked in a restaurant and catering to make it possible to go to Tagis Praff and graduated in less time than anyone else on the same path. She was determined to work with metal and yet finds herself bonded to paper of all things. She is caught in a trap the moment she was bonded to paper. What can she do with that? What will she do with only paper - forever?

From the paper skeleton butler that greets her when she arrives to the paper dog Thane creates for her, she is about to step through into a life she had never imagined before accompanied by birds and paper creatures, learning to bring stories to life and reading fortunes, far more than she ever imagined.

When an excisioner cuts out Thane's heart and leaves him to die,Ceony fashions him a paper heart and flies away on Thane's paper plane to confront the excisioner and bring back Thane's still beating heart if she can take it from the murderous thief. First, she must turn the tables on evil and travel the chambers of Thane's heart and emerge alive. Will she have enough time to complete the journey and return in time to save the magician who made her future possible?

Charlie Holmberg has a much bigger plan in hand than paper and magic. "The Paper Magician" is the doorway through which the reader must enter to begin their own larger than life journey and become greater than they imagined when they began.

All life begins with dreams and crashes on stony shores, shattering their illusions and the future they envisioned for themselves before the real world forced them to change course or find a different path. Just as Ceony Twill faces how her plans and dreams fared when the real world broke in and she would have to make do with paper, the reader will have to revise prosaic dreams and take hold of a much greater view.

I originally passed "The Paper Magician" off as just another novel and was caught in Holmberg's spell. So much more was possible when I let go of my preconceived views and let go of dreams.

We see the forces in our lives as far more than they are and far less formidable once we dig in and rely on ourselves even when our abilities and skills are still to be learned. Teachers began as adolescent with views and certainties that were far different than what life has in store. The same is true of "The Paper Magician". Give it a chance. You won't be sorry as you begin the adventure of a lifetime.

Everything begins somewhere. Let this be the beginning for you.

5/5 stars

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