Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Declaration of Independence

I have decided that as of June, I will no longer work for the Editor from Hell at Rose & Thorn and I'm backing away from Another Chapter. I have spent too much of myself and my energy catering to others' demands and getting little or no respect for the work I have done. In the meantime, I have dissipated my energies and talents for people who keep demanding more. It's like pissing in the ocean.

I here and now declare my independence and offer my best wishes to the staff of Rose & Thorn and the owner of Another Chapter. I do not need their kind of attitude or their lack of respect. I need to strike out on my own and do what I was mean to do -- write. I'll still take on private editing clients, but it won't be on spec or for a promised half of royalties or advances. Cash on the barrelhead or no deal.

I have given my all to so many people, few of which have ever even noticed, let alone thanked me. I deserve better.

So, if anyone wants me, I'll be here and home writing, but I won't be at Rose & Thorn or in the trenches at Another Chapter.

I wonder what life will be like when it belongs solely to me. Should be interesting. Now all I have to do is tell the bosses they're on their own. Should I be the least bit happy if things don't work out for them? No, that would be rude and self serving.


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