Monday, September 13, 2004

Someone has been spying on me...

Someone, who shall be nameless, has mentioned that I seem different. Now I am familiar with psychic phenomena and intuition, but am I being transparent or something? Even my parents are acting strangely. Well, strangely for them.

Got a call from my mother out of the blue today. She is going on and on about wanting to come back here to visit and she and my father have decided my idea of taking the train, especially since there's a station about 10 miles from here, is a great idea. Mom wanted to go on the Silverton train when they were here last year, but time and my father would not permit. Besides, it was snowing in that area and Dad was driving the motor home, which is not a good idea when crisscrossing the Divide. Well, the motor home is at Raper's being raped and slowly demolished, but not being sold. It's a $16K motor home and Dad is giving it away for $2000, which sounds like highway robbery to me. I told him he should get at least $7K or $8K out of it, but at least don't let it go for less than $5K. But I'm just a daughter and no one listens to me, except about taking the train to visit. Well, one out of a thousand isn't so bad.

My parents also mentioned they have more chickens, guineas like [info]divineneutrino's, which came by way of Beanie and her husband who got them from his boss. More chickens. I did not know, however, that guinea fowl were so fragile. Guess two of them had dislocated hips and that can happen pretty easily. Too bad neither Dad nor Beanie are on LJ so they can contact [info]divineneutrino personally and find out more about this kind of fowl.

My folks also found out, but I didn't tell them, that I don't have a tape player so they sent me one along with a little note attached to a little ten-dollar bill. How sweet. When I picked up the mail (it has been a bit longer than usual) my box was nearly empty except for four long yellow cards that said I had packages and mail. Come to think of it, there was only one package and lots of mail, but there should have been more packages. I guess I'll have to go back to the post office sooner than planned. No big. Anyway, I got to take home a nifty little carrying tray full of mail. No checks from clients, but that should be remedied soon. No checks from writing contests I've won, but a lot of good wishes and concentrated energy from any quarter who'd like to participate could remedy that as well. I'm hoping for big five-digit news on Monday.

In the meantime, someone is trying to convert me to country & western music and has hit the right chord with me. That does not, however, mean I am giving up rock & roll or classical or any of the other head banging metal I enjoy, just that my tastes are expanding. Grandma always told me you should never say you don't like something until you've tried it. How'd I know I'd be eating those words? In fact, I tried tofu and found out it's not so bad either and eat it occasionally, mixed, of course, with fresh dill, arugula, fresh scallions, nopales, leaf celery, and dandelion greens, among other things, but it still could use some spice. I've added dill seed and hope to soon be able to use my very own home grown peppers from my very own pots in my very own living room. (too many very owns?) Well, my plants are growing like crazy in here and proving me with much needed oxygen, so I'm proud of my pale green thumb.

Still, I feel like I'm being watched. Guess I'd better stop sunbathing nude and nearly nude on the deck. Who knew trees could be so nosy and mouthy at the same time? I thought that was the wind, not the trees whispering.

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