Sunday, September 26, 2004

Sundays are for... this week. I finished the body building articles and I'm glad. I mean, how many times can you say if you want bigger muscles you have to eat right, work out smart, and get plenty of rest? I now know more about the bio-availability of vitamins and nutrients and the percentages of carbohydrate to fat to protein than I ever really wanted to know. I know how muscles are made and how they're destroyed and how they all work together. For the past few weeks I have done more weight lifting, power lifting, and body building than I did in the years when I was actively engaged in it. If I had actually lifted all that weight, I would be dead right now or crushed under weights that would have crushed the great Vasily Alexeev and turned Arnold Schwarzenegger to a sobbing baby. If only that translated to actual muscular gain. I hear the bears this year are going to be harder to wrestle for that last pine nut or mushroom this year, and if I want a real chance at that bee hive I'm going to have to work for it.

At least with my current eating plan, I'm losing weight but it's probably mostly muscle, except for the muscles in my arms from all this typing and mouse clicking, which means my butt is getting bigger and it's already the last to leave anywhere since it takes another 30 minutes for it to follow me home. Nothing like sagging boobs and expanding butt cheeks to make your day.

My excited post about my new Scrabble partner was evidently a gauntlet thrown in the face of one [info]misericorde who feels I was just begging to be beaten and humiliated. At this moment, we are keeping pretty close in points, but she has an advantage; I've been getting nothing but consonants and have to rely on her to provide the vowels. This is just an update. The game is still young and I haven't had the chance to make my big move. I inevitably manage at least one 7-letter play, just ask [info]elementalmuse.

Well, I'll shut up now. I need to eat something even though the tortilla apple tarts with cinnamon I made last night were really good for breakfast, if a little tough around the edges. It's this high altitude, dries everything out.

Go about your quiet and relaxing Sundays as you will and spare a moment to think of me up here slaving away making stronger and bigger arm and shoulder muscles while my butt spreads off the sides of my chair and onto the floor.

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