Wednesday, March 23, 2005


In talking with a friend today we got into discussing a ham radio event that happens April 30th this year, which is a Saturday. It's one of those events/contests that have interesting rules. For this years QRP To The Field day the theme is railroads and he and I have been discussing combining hikes with old railroads, preferably near ghost towns, that we can operate from for that weekend. I discovered there is a great place called Corona Pass Trail that is way up in the mountains and not far from here that both of us think would be a great way to combine an interesting hike with an exceptional place to operate from because it's above most of the local peaks, with only one 14,000+ foot peak in the way and there's an old railroad depot that would add points to our scores. It's strictly for rigs operating with under 5 watts of power and using Morse code (extra points for using an old fashioned straight key as opposed to the modern iambic keys -- ham talk) and the views from the pix we have shared back and forth are breathtaking. Could be a plan. I plan to get on the air before then and before I leave here, but it would be my first contest and my first time combining hiking and ham radio.

I haven't been hiking in about two years and haven't done a major backpacking trip in more years than I care to admit, but it's something I definitely want to do. Since I'm forced to work for a living again and have to work during the week, hiking and backpacking on weekends with my radio rig and a close friend are just what I need to get out and get away from everyone and everything and get back into shape. Getting into shape is top of my priority list these days. I want to get the rest of the weight off and I want to hike and backpack and camp along the Colorado Trail and some of the other really adventurous trails here, something I need to do for myself and for my soul. To share makes it even more appealing.

Who knows, now that I'm back on the work track and will have regular access to money I think it's time to consider getting that mountain bike I've had my eye on for so long. If I'm going to get physical I might as well go all the way.

It seems so strange having something really adventurous and physical to look forward to and not something just to dream and fantasize about but something to plan for and execute. Might even add a camera to the gear or possibly just a sketchpad and pencils or charcoal to feed my soul while I'm walking my heart and body.

Don't get me wrong. Living up here this past year and a half has been wonderfully soothing and makes me feel closer to nature and to myself, but I have been alone too long and I need to add at least a person or two to the mix to include conversation and a different point of view to keep things interesting.

I am definitely looking forward to moving in May. I have a feeling that there are a lot of new adventures in store for me to keep me interested for a good long while. Time to shake the moss off this rolling stone and roll onto some new paths.

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