Thursday, April 14, 2005

Shades of parody

If you enjoy parodies, even when you don't know the people being lampooned, check out 's journal. You may recognize someone you know.

In other news, tomorrow morning I split for the other side of the continental divide to look for a new place to live, visit with friends, and see how much trouble I can get into until Sunday. I will not be posting over the weekend, so consider yourselves warned. I plan to take a few clothes, a book or two, and enjoy myself for a change, especially since I won't be chained to the computer behind me right now listening to foreign doctors who can't speak English understandably (or at all), call in on their cell phones from their cars to dictate operative reports.

I'm going to wallow in electronic and computer parts at OEM, have lunch with an evil man with (I hope) evil intentions, cruise by REI to bone up on hiking and backpacking equipment, take a walk in a garden of god/desses, and spend some blissful hours talking with friends.

No deadlines. No hideous reports. No waking up in the middle of the night to work for eight solid hours of torture and a pittance of pay. And no regrets.

See ya all next week with a new attitude and a calmer frame of mind.

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