Monday, May 16, 2005

Back to work

This is my first day back to work since before the move last week. Did I mention I absolutely adore DSL? Updates are faster. Work downloads and uploads faster. And the sound is much clearer than on dial-up, which really messed with the sound on the voice files. Guess I have no excuse for not getting lots of work done and making lots of money.

The sky is laced with high soft clouds and the mountains are hazy bluish purple beneath a band of clear soft blue. The squirrels are dining at the all-you-can-eat gutters next door and working off the calories by chasing each other through the trees. My squirrel was back for a little people watching earlier, but answered the stronger call of gutter dining and tag. He'll be back.

Birds arrow between the branches unable to sit still for longer than a minute or two. The siren call of a beautiful day beckons them skyward. A few busy bees buzz outside the window and across the street a beautiful white cat pounces on a tabby cat, sending them both rolling in the grass. Here and there people step briefly outside to water plants and walk their dogs. To quote the late Mr. Rogers, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood."

Today is a special day. It's the 50th anniversary of a dear friend's birth, one he would prefer to ignore like the last 25+ birthdays. I think he's edging into curmudgeon territory without a license, but that's just my opinion. I have my fingers crossed that he'll be able to get away for a half day to see a movie with me, talk and let me grin idiotically while he opens my gifts to him. One of them I have had for a while but the other I have to pick up in a little while before they close. They're making it up special for him -- counter to their usual working protocol. I'm so tickled.

Anyway, I probably should get back to work, but I think I'll put on some clothes (the bottom half of my clothes anyway since I'm back in civilization and there are no blinds or curtains on the sun porch cum office windows), go down to the car and unpack a few essentials (like bath soap, puff, hair brush, etc.) and take a long hot shower so I can find the place and pick up the gift. I need to get a card, too. I sent him two e-cards, but I need something for the gift to fit inside and a card will do nicely. Curious? You'll have to stay that way until the gifting is out of the way. Sorry about that. NOT!

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, look out a window (find one if you have to) and enjoy whatever weather the gods are sending your way. Even snow and ice can be beautiful. Thunderstorms are awesome and during the day provide free fireworks. What more can you ask?

That is all. Disperse.

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