Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Sunshine through my windows

I got up at four this morning and started working. Two walls of windows looking out on the trees and the mountains, and this morning I watched the sky lighten and the mountains take shape from the shadows. I used to think windows were a distraction that kept me from working and focusing, but I was wrong. The windows are comforting and relaxing as I work and feel the street wake up around me. The sky lightens, trees and houses emerging from the shadows as lights turn on one by one up and down the street. People slip outside in robes and pajamas to get the newspaper, let out the dogs and cats and slip back inside to find coffee and breakfast, wake up kids and stretch to get ready for the day. The squirrels yawn and creep out of their nests and along the branches, eventually playing tag and roll.

This morning with the windows open it was chilly but the air was fresh and clean and scented with dew and mountains. Lightning forked the sky and thunder grumbled as the sun rose but it didn't rain, not here. The air was pregnant with ozone and rain; it passed over. Cold breezes slipped through the screens and tickled my hair. I was still productive, getting back into the rhythm of working.

Of course I have had to change my working attire and actually wear clothes for a change. A T-shirt and socks keep me from shocking the neighbors or giving their children sex education a little early. Once the sun came up I remembered the phone guy was coming to install the new jack in the sun porch. That meant I needed lots more clothes and a closer acquaintance with some soap and water. I gave in.

He came, fixed the line and went and he only knocked me offline twice. Pretty good. Then my landlady came upstairs, knocking on my door. I thought someone was knocking on her door downstairs and went to tell them she had a client. We opened the door at the same time. After she checked the work she asked me if I sang. I wasn't sure how to answer her. Yes, I sing but... Then I remembered. Last night I had queued up a radio station on the net and I have this little habit of singing when I'm surfing or just listening to music. Evidently she and Pastor were downstairs on the deck last night when I was singing with the windows open. Oops! I was in trouble.

I wasn't in trouble. Pastor likes my singing and she told me he laid down on the deck, stretched out and looked up at my window while I sang. At least he wasn't howling. The landlady liked my singing, too. I haven't sung in public for so long I don't know how I sound to anyone else. I sing for sheer joy. What's not to sing about? I have a new home and a familiar neighborhood. I am close to people who matter so much to me and I have a catbird seat full of views of trees, nature and mountains.

After a shower, I met the birthday boy for lunch. We picnicked in the park again but I took a light lunch: turkey rolled up in Swiss cheese with fresh strawberries for dessert. He brought the water. He really irritates me sometimes. He's so nonchalant about the very obvious and bright yellow gift bag and he wanted to eat first. Ruins my fun every time. I let him eat one turkey roll and a couple of strawberries and broke down. He opened the bag and liked what I got him -- even though he'd already ruined one of the gifts by telling me he was going to buy it himself. He wasn't expecting the other two. One was specially made for him and made good on a plan we had back in March and the other was whimsical.

Since I moved here he smiles all the time whenever we are together. His eyes light up and he grins. It's good to see him so happy for a change. Things have been difficult for both of us these past three months, but it's like none of it ever happened. This move is good for both of us and worth every single ache, pain and bruise. There is still so much before me learning my way around, meeting new people and finding my niche. A friend at Celebration -- just four blocks away -- wants to introduce me to some restaurants around the area and like-minded friends. I doubt I'll be lonely or without something to do.

And the landlady wants to pull weeds in the yard this weekend. That means I need to find my gardening tools and seeds. Sunshine, earth, water, plants and pulling weeds. It doesn't get much better than this.

I'll shut up now.

Well, one more thing. There is a movie in the near future with a tall fella with a crooked smile. It really doesn't get better than this.

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