Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A dream is a wish...

...and nightmares do happen.

Not much work today and a blackout. Fire trucks and EMS vehicles screaming down the street past my window, startling me. The squirrels weren't surprised and they didn't run and hide. I wonder if that's a sign. I have to remember that when the lights go out I have just enough power in the UPS to shut everything down so I don't lose all the data and everything I worked on. A friend asked me if I was really a blonde. Okay, so the UPS was beeping but everything was still working and lit up. Of course they were; they were on the uninterrupted power source. I'll remember next time.

The all you can eat gutter buffet next door was full of greedy squirrels and my friend who sits in the tree out my window stopped by from time to time, peered in and scurried off to the buffet. All the squirrels looked like mechanical dolls ducking into the gutters and coming up with food in unison. Have I slipped into the Twilight Zone without knowing it? Or maybe it's just from sleeping on the floor. I also learned that sleeping in the middle of a feather bed means you miss the fluffy down that cushions you from the floor. The middle is flat and it's not wide enough double over and not spill over onto the floor. But it makes a nice pillow.

My smart buddy reminded me that sleeping on the ground is worse. I disagree. All that pine duff and fallen leaves cushion the hard and soft parts of you. Wouldn't you know he'd bring up rocks and roots and twigs? I had an answer for that, too -- move them. "Not if they're still attached to the trees," he said. Okay, I'll give him that. However, I don't remember the ground being so difficult to sleep on and it has a little more give than a hard floor with a flattened out feather bed. We'll see. He sent me a web site for a campground where hams and their families go the end of August for QRP to the field (low power). I'm ready. He suggested it as a shakedown trip. I can handle that. We're making plans and that's a good sign.

I also got my first two wrong number calls looking for whoever had my number before I got it. I assured both callers I did not know a forwarding number for their prey but they didn't believe me because they asked again. Not a good sign. I can feel it in my bones (and it's not just sleeping on the hard floor) that they will call back again and try to trick me into admitting I'm their prey. I'm not that blonde.

Last night proved fruitful. I talked to the cheesecake man and he's giving me his best for the cost of ingredients. My best friend thinks the guy has ulterior motives. If it's what I think cheesecake guy wants, I'll give it to him -- time working on his plane. He not only bakes incredible cheesecakes, he is a pilot and has a wicked sense of humor and an Irish Setter. That's the sign of a nice guy but one who has never been married. His dog has lots of toys. Need I say more? He does have an interesting voice and he was born the same year my buddy and I were born, and his birthday is coming up soon. Another air sign. I'll see what comes with the voice and positive signs on Tuesday when he delivers the cheesecake -- the one with chocolate and Grand Marnier.

First thing this morning Beanie emailed and said she needed my new address. Another sign. I gave it to her but asked why. She said my nephew is graduating in a couple weeks and she wants to send me an announcement even though I can't be there. The blinking sign says time is passing quickly and another chick is leaving the nest. My brother's oldest will graduate next month, too, but he hasn't asked me for my address. Guess I won't get one of those announcements. But that could just be me making more of a simple situation -- he hasn't asked yet.

It's funny sometimes how we can make something of nothing and take a general statement and make it very personal and equally painful. I wonder if the sign shouldn't say drama created at all hours. No waiting.

Oh, well, the sign tonight said be spontaneous and I was. Ordered a pizza and some wings and shared them with the landlady. It's nice being in such a friendly atmosphere and knowing you're welcome. She doesn't mind my singing and said the house likes it when I sing -- she and Pastor do, too. It's such an unconscious thing for me -- singing -- and it's nice to know the sign here says I can sing all I want.

As signs go, it's all good.

One more thing, the sign above my door will soon read VE -- volunteer examiner for amateur radio. That's a real good sign.

My heart's wishes are coming true.

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