Monday, May 23, 2005

Out of the shade

I was having a perfectly lovely morning when my landlady called me from downstairs in the driveway. She knocked on the door but I can't hear anything with my headphones plugged in when I'm working. I heard her call from the driveway though. She wanted to talk to me for a minute. Never good news and never a good sign.

I was right. It wasn't.

I went downstairs, partly to stretch my legs and partly because I felt like I needed a break from work.

The woman next door on the east decided to cut down all the trees in her yard and have the roots dug up. These are beautiful and healthy trees that give lots of shade and oxygen. It's a shame to cut them down just so she doesn't have to clean the gutters and hates the squirrels dining at the all you can eat gutter buffet. The landlady told her she was cutting down my shade and that it would make it too hot in my office to work during the day. She didn't care.

I'm sad not only because of the shade but because of the trees. They give such a lovely ambience to the neighborhood with their graceful limbs and waving leaves.

Luckily, she can't cut down the trees on public property.

She is going to regret having the trees removed because they shade her house, too. Without their leaf canopy protecting her house from the burning sun, she is going to cook inside her house, especially since she keeps her shades closed and her curtains drawn. Her electric bills are going to go sky high and I don't have a single tear for her.

The trees have been here for nearly 100 years and they deserve to live. I'm not so sure about how much she deserves to be cooked, but very well done would just about do it.

Tree killing orc wench.

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