Friday, May 20, 2005

Ready for pain

The first night sleeping on a floor on a flattened feather bed was painful the next morning when I staggered to my feet. I ached in more places than I knew I had. I was almost afraid to get back down there and almost opted for the love seat. It's cramped and uncomfortable but it had much more padding. I gritted my teeth and sank to the floor to give it another shot.

I slept like a log. Dead to the world -- until the call of nature woke me halfway through the night and every hour on the hour after that until I decided to give in and get up. I didn't hurt. I wasn't sore. I felt good and rested. I can do this.

I've slept on the floor every night since and I wake up refreshed and relaxed, if a little stiff for 30 seconds until I wake up and make it to the bathroom. There are some mornings I feel like getting back on the floor and sleeping some more, but work and duty call and I must obey -- for now.

I'm not too old to do the camping thing. I can handle a hard uneven floor so I know I can handle sleeping on rocks and roots I can't remove or avoid. Camping, here I come.

Now it's off to the showers to get scrubbed and dressed so I can go get some groceries. I was too lazy and tired last night. Need food. Need conditioner. Need fresh air and a walk in this beautiful and soft spring day. I'll come back and work, but there's no rush. I feel the urge to grab a journal, some fruit and water and head for the park. Maybe later. Shower and food now -- park later.

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