Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hook me

Well, guys and gals and everyone in between. It's a beautiful day with a few puffy clouds serenely sailing across a perfect blue sky. the leaves are glistening in the sun and the air is full of buzzing bees, singing birds and the perfume of summer while the squirrels play tag in the streets with trucks. Fast little devils. I guess squirrel porn is out today and I don't want to wait for squirrel pancakes, so I'm going to get a cool shower and take myself to a double feature at the movies: Batman Begins and The Longest Yard. While I'm not a big Adam Sandler fan, he has done some interesting work and the trailers have been pretty good. I am, however, a big Christian Bale and Batman fan, so I'm off to see the big black bat and his big black penis batmobile.

Does it seem to you like Michael Caine is a bit over exposed and maybe the nut job in that college movie was right and you will find a movie with Michael Caine in it at every hour of the day all over the world? Nice work for a character actor.

I'm off to see the gizzard, the wonderful gizzard of non-blahs.

Okay, so it was a lame joke, but at least I put it out there.

Go play hooky today wherever you are. It's good for your soul.

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