Monday, June 06, 2005

Monday afternoons are not for headaches

Have I mentioned how truly talented and wonderful my landlady is? She is -- in spades.

I went downstairs on my way to the grocery store to return the bowls from the strawberry dessert and stuffed peppers I took home Saturday night and stayed for a few minutes to talk and sit out on her deck in the glorious sunshine. My arms pinked up quickly and I will have color tonight -- no burn, just color. I tan very quickly.

Anywho, I was rubbing my right temple where lately I get these headaches besides and behind my right eye. She asked if I minded if she played with me. (No, I did not say the first thing that came into my mind.) I said, "Sure," and she started by pinching my right shoulder. She said since I work on the computer I might be tight there. I'm not. Muscular but definitely not tight. She asked if there was any more pain in my head when she pinched my shoulder and I assured her there wasn't. Then she went to work on my right temple and eye.

I felt nice, but nothing was happening -- at first. I closed my eyes and breathed and suddenly the dark red behind my eyes started lightening up and became blue and then lavender and the pain started to dissipate. she did a little energy work on me, telling me there was some brown crap in there and asked if I was angry at someone. Couldn't think of anyone right at first, but later I remembered I was ticked at a certain brother-in-law who is a jerk. She kept working on my head, put her hands on my forehead and the back of my neck, did some more energy work and the tension and pressure beside and behind my right eye started to go away. The light behind my eyelids got brighter and brighter and she said, "Ooh, a rainbow." I'm going to believe that was good news.

Then she got a call from her best friend in Germany and I petted Pastor for a few moments then decided I should sneak out and let her talk in private. By the time I got in the car and belted up, the headache was completely gone. Now, if I can just keep it that way.

I do think it's time I scheduled an appointment with her for a massage and some energy work. After all, what's the use of having a certified neuromuscular therapist in the house if I don't patronize her? Good thing I get paid tomorrow,huh?

And if you live in or near Colorado Springs, let me know and I'll pass your information along.

That is all. Disperse in an orderly fashion.

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