Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunshine glancing off leaves...

...and clouds swimming by overhead, there's nothing better than a brand new day.

The neighborhood is quiet right now. Once in a while kids pass in the street or cars slip quietly down the street between the tree-lined curbs, barely noticed. Cats criss cross the streets and squirrels play tag along the branches, daring even the slenderest twigs bending beneath their scanty weight before diving through the air. Birds and bees dart and dance in the sun dappled shadows and trees wave and nod in the breeze. It's a peaceful Sunday, the kind of day to sit and read with the windows open. I'm half tempted to put on some clothes and go for a walk down to the big park on Uintah, pick out a picnic bench and lean against the table reading my book, which has turned out to be very surprising. You can read about it at The Celebrity Cafe when the review is posted. I'm not going to give you so much as a hint yet.

Yesterday I got my hands dirty pulling dandelions and weeds and planted some nasturtiums and baby's breath. The squirrels got to the sunflowers, but I'm going to get them back. I'm sprinkling cayenne on the sunflowers I'm planting this week. Besides, it's time to put the Xmas ornaments back in their boxes and unearth my seeds from the African carry basket so I can have it ready when the Farmer's market starts next weekend. I usually carry canvas bags, but I thought that would be more fun.

Time for me to get back to the book if I expect to finish in time to post my review by tomorrow morning.

That is all. Disperse.

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