Saturday, June 04, 2005

Not just another day

I'm listening to DOA on my computer through Movie Flix and there is some hot, pulse throbbing jazz and some deep soulful blues. I just got off the phone with the landlady. She called to see if I was still up here and if I liked stuffed peppers. I thought it was only Italian ladies who tempted and seduced with food. I was wrong. Bavarians do it, too, and they do it with Swiss chocolate and marzipan, homemade vegetable soup and BBQ chicken and fresh made polenta. I know I'm going to like it here. People to talk with, laugh with, discuss subjects high and low and share food with. Now that's home.

The other day while cashing a check I was talking to the manager and updating my information in their system and she surprised me with a welcome to the Springs gift -- a color TV. She said there was a TV in their garage gathering dust that worked just fine and since I didn't have a TV I could have it if I wanted it. We had been talking about me volunteering as a ham radio license examiner (VE) and she said that since I give back to ham radio someone should give a little something to me. A TV. She also invited me to come to dinner some time. The people here sure are friendly.

The sky is full of clouds that are alternately grey and ominous and sunlit moving pictures out of fantasy. The sun works its way through the clouds every now and then to remind me I'm missing a beautiful day -- even if it might rain. It's a siren call that I'm not going to be able to ignore for long. I think a walk to the library to pick up some books, a round of pulling weeds in the yard and spending time with nature and friends. I have to fit a few hours in this weekend to make up for lazy doctors who are ruining my financial bottom line, but I have other options. I have a book to read and review by Monday, the winner of the Simon & Schuster Tell Me a Story Contest Farah Ahmedi, the tale of an Afghan girl. My landlady has also offered me some of her art work for my bare walls and I may talk to her about doing a little painting and personalizing. Then there are roots to dye and laundry to wash, dry, fold and put away. But the way the sky looks I doubt I can resist much longer.

Every day like this is another reminder that no day is just another day but a chance to live fully and completely.

I'll shut up now.

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