Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A little poetry offering

I wrote this poem this morning for a contest. The subject was chosen for me and I just wrote what came up. Just thought you'd like to...

Out of the Past

Out of the past you came,
sadness in your voice
and hope in your heart,
your eyes full of excitement
and love.

Silence stretched between us
through all the years,
a silence that began
with chances missed
by two shy children.

Friends we were
and friends we remain
through the silent years,
nursing a small spark
of the true love we share.

Red flags flew as you
opened your life and your heart.
Then I reached out to you,
heart aching for your pain,
and longing struck both our hearts.

But you aren't free,
a prisoner of circumstance and pain,
afraid to go forward,
more afraid to go back,
making prisoners of us both.

Empty weekends and holidays,
vacations we cannot share,
hiding our love behind public nods,
never touching, never holding,
never together.

We are destined for each other,
and have always been,
but time has been against us,
time and shyness and fear,
keeping us chained apart.

As Christmas nears and
a New Year approaches,
I wish upon a bright star
for the only present I will ever want,
you and I together at last.

Until that bright morning dawns,
all that waits for me is silence,
tears and empty longings for
all the days and all the nights
alone without you.

You can read some of my poetry and writing, some you've seen and some you haven't, here.

That is all. Disperse.

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