Friday, March 10, 2006

Can't get back on track

I woke up really late this morning. Not a good start for a busy day. I did, however, work a double shift yesterday with three hours' sleep, which is probably why I overslept, but I still have a lot to do and just can't seem to find my pace. Good thing for the Evil One because he reminded me the furniture guy was coming today to fix the chaise: two split legs and a split and bent cross piece. I hadn't showered or eaten and I certainly wasn't dressed. In short, I looked like I just got out of bed after a long rough night. Good thing though.

The furniture guy (very cute in that rugged, athletic, sexy, manly smelling way) put my ticket in the paid file because his company sent the guy out to steam clean the furniture on Wednesday and would have missed the appointment had I not called in a panic to find out when he would be here. Worked out for both of us. I got a shower and he came by to expertly repair my brand new chaise.

I will never understand why furniture makers no longer take pride in their work and make it to last. At these prices, they should have used something much sturdier as a stabilizer than 1/4" plywood. That's a job for solid wood -- like the 2x4 the furniture guy put in place. Now when I sit down on the chaise it doesn't sound or feel like it's about to collapse and I'm not afraid to put up my feet, which is why I bought the chaise in the first place.

So, thanks to working a double shift with very little sleep, an intelligent body that takes over and makes sure I get enough sleep, the Evil One for reminding me I had someone coming over today, and my sense of self preservation and panic to make sure I wasn't caught looking like a wild-haired hag who had been rode hard and put up wet or there would be stories floating around town about the wicked old witch with snakes for hair that lives over in Old Colorado City.

Here's to the happy accidents that surprise us and keep us on our toes.

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