Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hell hath no fury

It is obvious that I need to be careful around the Evil One or he will corrupt me even more than he has already. A simple conversation or him telling me about some movie or book that had him riveted with laughter or whatever and I'm off and running to see what the shouting is all about. This time he dangled another bit of winning bait before me.

No doubt about it, Kurt Russell is still the hottest commodity around and the most versatile and believable actor. The Evil One's latest dangling bait concerns Breakdown about a yuppie couple moving from Boston to San Diego in their brand new fire engine red Jeep Cherokee. Amy and Jeff are living on their credit cards because they have both quit their jobs and are moving to San Diego to a new life and new jobs. One moment Jeff wasn't paying attention and he nearly crashes into a mud splattered truck fitted for driving around in the desert and crosses over into a reality where nothing is as it seems. And thus the adventure begins and doesn't let go until the very last moment when Amy has her revenge.

The Evil One was right. This movie keeps your interest every second of its run and doesn't let go. Heaven help you if you're catching it on a movie channel and not on DVD or on commercial TV where you can get up and go to the bathroom once in a while because you're not going to want to get up and miss a single nanosecond. Blink and you will definitely miss something crucial.

I guess I'll just have to put up with his insidious dangling bits of bait because he is usually right and knows me so well that he gets me every time in his diabolical traps of sharing ideas and dreams and succulent tidbits.

Besides, the Evil One is cute, too.

That is all. Go find Breakdown and settle in for a wild and hair raising ride.

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