Monday, May 15, 2006

Would you?

I'm settling in with my soy fresh fruit and lemon juice smoothie and it just occurred to me as I checked the beautiful cheesecake in the fridge that I wouldn't have made the cheesecake just for myself, partly because I would probably end up eating the whole thing and pack on most of the weight I have lost and partly because there's no need to make something like that for me since I live alone. I could justify making it for my landlady and Nel across the hall, but Nel doesn't like desserts and I'm sure the landlady would not forgive me either for taunting her with something that would increase her weight and hip size. I needed someone special, something special as a reason.

I'm curious. How often do I do that? For that matter, how many things do you do for others that you wouldn't do for just yourself, even if you aren't single and don't live alone?

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