Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A day and three quarters...

...and I don't mean money either.

I finished one cheesecake last night about 0100 hours and the other one about noon today, as if the apartment weren't hot enough. Wild wind whipped up the trees and threatened to bring down the twig and leaf heavy branch of the tree outside my window cracked and dangling from the hail storm a couple days ago, wheezing hot air through the open windows and heating up the sun room even more. It's hard to sit still on a day like today and as long as water and electricity make a dangerous combination I will not be working from a bathtub full of cold water. I don't even feel like eating but I know I need to keep my metabolism up, so eventually I will drag my hot, sweaty carcass into the kitchen on my swollen legs and see what I can rustle up that doesn't take too much energy or time and is at least somewhat nutritious. I'd prefer a big spoon and the cheesecake sitting on my naked legs but I have to wait to eat that -- if I'm lucky. There's watermelon but that's ear marked for the picnic on Friday. The frozen fruit and berries are for my soy protein drink in the morning. I see no other options, except frying or baking some chicken or nuking a pot pie and hot food doesn't interest me right now. I should have bought the keg of sherbet yesterday, but I didn't. Maybe I'll boil the rest of the eggs and make egg salad to go with the tortillas or maybe I'll just take a cold shower and crawl into bed beside the fan and let the air and water cool me.

Today was a weird day in many ways, including hearing from my cousin about her ex-husband who was prominently featured in last week's Time magazine article on illegal immigration and the Alabama (and other state) Minutemen and militia. Being the curious pussy cat I am, I decided to search down my ex-cousin-in-law and find out what he's been doing. I found out way more than I bargained for and he ended the email exchange somewhat testily because I told him I'm a pagan witch, but not before offering a "my god is bigger than your god" and "is pagan hypocrisy doing a good deed?" jokes. He obviously doesn't know the difference between pagan, Wiccan and Satanist. If he thought he was browning me off, he was too late. The sun already did that on the drive home on Sunday from Estes Park. He also mentioned that my cousin is an atheist but that wasn't a big surprise. To each his/her own. I'm far too busy walking my own path to worry about someone else's path.

I also submitted my resume (after an IM session with the Evil One and Linux bible reading in order to mount the slaved drive the old resume is on) and some clips (also from the old drive -- thank you Evil One) and articles. I spent about two hours updating my writing resume. I had no idea I had done so much in the past few years or that I had so many articles, essays and stories published over the past three years. I didn't dare go back too far; I'd still be typing. I also submitted a query for another group of anthologies and have to do two more queries for them, along with a sample of my writing and a quick blurb about me. I appreciate that they are raising money for their organization, but I'm not going to sign away my hard earned money for their charity. I'm a writer and I expect to get paid. The one job will net about $300 a week for doing a fairly simple and straight forward job and that will add a nice little cushion to my bare feathered nest. Yes, I'm focusing on making more money. I'm tired of just getting by and I want to go to India and Alaska next year and many more places besides. It also doesn't hurt to rack up a few thousand more articles and credits along the way.

Tomorrow is a big day and the day after even bigger, so I will sign off for now (especially since my hands are sweating and sticking to the laptop keyboard from the generated heat and the 90-degree wind blowing across my naked back). So, I'll shut up now.

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